Take Care Of Your Feet By Getting Rid Of Dead Skin

Neglecting a good foot care regimen can cause dead skin to build up, leading to unsightly appearance and issues like peeling skin or cracked, dry-looking heels. So whether it’s because you want to avoid paying and scheduling regular pedicures or simply because you’re interested in learning to take the best care of your feet, there’s no better time to invest in a good at-home foot care routine.

What Causes Dead Skin?

Dry, untreated skin can lead to layers of dead skin cells that can build up over time, further prevent skin from becoming truly hydrated by blocking foot care products from getting to healthy, living tissues that would benefit from moisture. In addition, frequently exposing your feet to hot water in the shower can dry out the feet, as well as skin conditions some people have, such as eczema and psoriasis.

Finally, as people who pay close attention to the condition of their skin could tell you, some seasons simply dry out your skin more than others. Winter chills also bring dry air, meaning, even bundled up in warm socks, your feet can become dehydrated when there’s little moisture in the air.

Best Foot Care Routine for Dead Skin

To get past the potentially multiple layers of dead skin cells that have built up on your feet, you’ll benefit most from a committed effort over the course of multiple days or weeks to get your feet back to their smooth, soft glory. And while there are a variety of products you can find on the shelf that may help solve your foot skin issues, we recommend using high-quality products backed with scientifically proven ingredients to deeply nourish and hydrate in ways your skin will love.

Soak Your Feet

Not only can soaking in a tub of lukewarm (not hot!) water help relieve stress from a day spent on your feet, it can also help to begin to penetrate the dead skin cells, providing other skincare products access to healthy skin through the water. Add a few drops of a hydrating essential oil to begin rehydrating dry skin and give your senses a lift with aromatherapeutic benefits.

Scrub Away Dead Skin

For the toughest dry, rough skin, our Mint Renewal White Sand Body Polish is specially formulated with gentle sugar and salt solutions to slough away dry, rough skin leaving the skin to appear flawlessly smooth. When used on a regular basis, this natural food scrub can revitalize the look and feel of your feet, while making it easier for other treatments to more easily soften your skin.


The skin on your feet is not as sensitive as your face, which you likely treat with multiple products every day for the best results. This means the rejuvenation process for dry, rough feet is a little simpler in some aspects, requiring only scrubbing and good general moisturization.

We recommend our all-purpose After Bath lotions for the feet, like our fragrant French Lavender body lotion. Best used when the feet are slightly wet, our professional-grade moisturizers can be hugely beneficial when used overnight; simply apply a healthy amount of the product to your feet and quickly put socks on to help the lotion really soak into the skin and do what it does best: soften and hydrate.

Try A Foot Peel

For severely dry, cracked skin, a foot peel may be helpful in soaking down deep and exfoliating skin chemically, rather than physically. Whether used on its own or in addition to regular foot scrubs, a foot peel can be a highly effective way of restoring the skin’s supple feel with time.

Get Regular Pedicures

We know not everyone has the time or budget for, let’s say, monthly pedicures, but this can be a highly personalized way to achieve healthy, soft feet. A professional pedicure will utilize many of the same steps we’ve mentioned here, with similarly formulated products that will be customized to your skin condition and type.

Best Foot Care Products For Soft Feet

If you’re tired of having rough or even cracked feet, it’s time to invest in some medical-grade skincare products that can help slough away dead skin cells and revitalize the look and feel of your feet. At Epicuren Discovery, we use our team’s decades of experience with pharmaceutical skincare products to design the best quality formulas you can find without a prescription. Browse our catalog of anti-aging and daily care products or take our Skin Quiz to find out which products are right for your unique skin type and goals!

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