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Epicuren Discovery offers some of the best face masks on the market. All Epicuren face masks are comprised of the best natural ingredients available and offer a solution for all skin types from normal skin through to oily, sensitive, and combination skin.

Best Clay Masks

Mud and clay masks are an excellent option for those with oily skin types to naturally lift away toxins and absorb excess oil as part of a complete skincare routine. Use Epicuren Discovery’s professional-grade clay face masks weekly to revitalize, purify, and help keep your skin smooth and luminous.

Hydrating Face Masks

Epicuren Discovery offers the best hydrating mineral face masks powered by decades of scientific research and natural ingredients. A moisturizing face mask provides essential benefits as part of your regular skincare routine by protecting the skin from harmful irritants and leaving it smooth and soft to the touch.

Face Masks for Oily/Combo/Congested Skin

For a deep cleanse and potent treatment, a face mask for acne can go beyond your daily cleansing and topical treatment routine for deeply purifying results. Which type of face mask is the best acne mask for you may depend on your skin type, but for highly effective toxin removal and oil absorption, try a clay face mask like the Chai Soy Mud Mask.

Pore Cleansing Masks

If you’re looking for a highly effective way to treat blackheads beyond the normal routine, an exfoliating mask may be right for you. Depending on your skin type, Epicuren Discovery’s Clarify Polishing Mask can soothe sensitive skin while removing dirt and oils from deep inside the pores. And for a face mask for oily skin, try a mud mask like our Volcanic Clay Purifying Mask. When used weekly, purifying face masks are a great way to reduce the appearance of blackheads and keep skin clear and healthy.

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