Our Commitment to Natural Beauty & Self-Care

Two women holding Epicuren products


Our goal at Epicuren® is to leave the biggest impression on this world through skincare while leaving the smallest footprint. We pride ourselves on our sustainable procurement of our ingredients ensuring that we adhere to a strict code of environmental, social, and economic best practices.

Many of Epicuren’s products are formulated with certified organics and/ or eco-cert ingredients. Being Eco-Cert means that the ingredients are derived from renewable resources and manufactured using environmentally friendly processes. We never use GMO’s and all of Epicuren’s essential oils are harvested from sustainable, wildly grown crops. In support of protecting our cherished natural forests and preventing deforestation, all of Epicuren’s paper packaging is 100% recyclable, shipped in recyclable materials, and our product and shipping boxes are Forest Steward Certified. This certification ensures that products come from well-managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Not only are all of Epicuren Discovery products made locally in the sunny state of California, many of which are crafted in a solar powered facility.

It is important to note that we are an ever-evolving skin-care company that is always striving for innovation and excellence. We choose the highest quality ingredients available to us and as better or more sustainable and more effective options become available, we modify, update, and improve upon ourselves.

We believe that beauty comes in all forms, the Epicuren Discovery way is personalized, curating the perfect skincare ritual. Pioneers in our industry, we are dedicated to our craft and have paved the way with our proprietary formulas and wellness centered treatments. Our focus is on the harmonious relationship between wellness and beauty, promising you will look great, feel great, and sacrifice nothing.