Epicuren recommends consulting a professional before using any product for the first time. Epicuren’s formulas are always changing.

Please be advised that the products for sale on Epicuren’s website are not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent or treat any disease or health condition and they are not to be considered a Medical Device. Our products have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Test each product for 24 hours on a small portion of skin before usage. 

Epicuren proudly includes natural ingredients and essential oils. These ingredients, and others, may cause sensitivity in certain individuals. Epicuren will not be held responsible for such occurrences. Customers hold full responsibility if/when they continue using a product that creates a skin reaction. Consumers should have complete knowledge of product ingredients and functions. We always recommend asking your spa professional or doctor before purchasing a product if there is any concern about ingredients or cross-contamination of ingredients in a facility. All Epicuren products are manufactured in facilities that process gluten, non-vegan ingredients, iodine, nuts, kernels, and nut-derived products. Because of this, cross-contamination is unlikely but can occur.

If you have a specific allergy or sensitivity, do not use ingredients that may trigger a reaction. An allergy patch test is highly recommended if there is any doubt or history of skin reactions