The Many Benefits of Rose Otto Oil For The Skin

Historically, rose otto oil has primarily been used for its aromatic characteristics, and as an ingredient in perfumes. However, in more recent years, its uses and benefits have diversified, now being used in aromatherapy and skincare products.

What is Rose Otto Oil?

This essential oil is derived from the pink damask rose, primarily grown and harvested in Bulgaria and Turkey. Sometimes referred to as “liquid gold” for its profitability and also difficulty to make, rose otto oil is distilled out of pink damask rose petals using a special steaming process. It takes 3,000 kilograms of rose petals to make a single kilogram of rose otto oil.

Benefits of Rose Otto Oil

Rose otto oil, like many other essential oils, have physical and mental benefits even from simply smelling the aroma. It has been said that its aromatherapeutic effects have been known to release endorphins and dopamine in the brain, which can help ease pain, stress, and anxiety.

The skin benefits of rose otto oil come from the specific compounds it contains, as well as the simple hydrating effect of the oil itself.

There are three main benefits of rose otto essential oil skincare products: hydration, antioxidants, and antibacterial effects. Rose otto essential oil is because its oil contains emollients, or compounds that attract water and trap it in place, helping smooth out and soften the appearance of dry, rough areas of skin.

Its antibacterial properties are beneficial for people with blemish-prone skin or who have psoriasis.

Finally, products that incorporate rose otto oil are packed with antioxidants, and antioxidants have been known to help the skin against sun damage and environmental stressors.

Components of Rose Oil

Scientifically speaking, rose oil’s composition has been studied to help better understand these benefits, as well as rose otto oil’s influence on the skin. This has led to the discovery of key molecules in the oil, which include:

  • Geraniol
  • Alkenes
  • Nerol
  • 2-Phenylethanol

These compounds contribute to rose otto oil’s scent as well as its color and viscosity.

Rose Otto vs. Rose Absolute

A common misconception is that rose otto oil is comparable and even interchangeable with rose absolute oil, but this is not the case. The difference lies in how the two products are created. As mentioned, rose otto essential oil is steam-distilled, whereas rose absolute oil is extracted with chemical solvents. This means there could be residual solvent in packaged products, which is not something you want on the skin.

How to Use Rose Oil for Your Skin

Rose otto oil, like other essential oils, should not be applied directly on your skin. Its high concentration of potent chemical compounds can cause irritation and burning sensations. It should always be mixed into high-quality skincare products, like our Bulgarian Rose Otto moisturizer. In addition with the benefits described earlier, this also gives products like this a luxurious floral scent.

Rose Otto Oil Skincare Products

Epicuren Discovery’s complete line of skincare products frequently have essential oils like rose otto oil power our products. Browse our collections of moisturizers or anti-aging products or take our Skin Quiz to find out which professional-grade skincare product is right for your unique skin type.

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