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Epicuren Discovery offers some of the best facial moisturizers on the market. All Epicuren moisturizing products are comprised of the best natural ingredients available and offer a solution for all skin types.

Natural Face Moisturizers

When it comes to maintaining your skin’s natural glow, the most effective products are the simplest ones. That’s why all of Epicuren Discovery’s face moisturizers are made with natural ingredients, like plant-derived oils and amino acids, that provide spa-grade results in your daily routine.

Our philosophy compels us to provide only the most environmentally friendly, results-driven products. In order to reduce our carbon footprint and help customers buy with peace of mind, our natural face moisturizers are cruelty free and our packaging is fully recyclable.

Body Lotions & Creams

From simple sun damage to the treatment of burn victims. Epicuren Discovery’s products blend the power of science with the simplicity of naturally derived ingredients and cruelty-free practices. When you shop our moisturizing lotions and creams, you can be sure you’re buying the most effective, cutting-edge products that leave the smallest carbon footprint in production.

Face Lotions & Creams

When you’re looking for effective, spa-grade moisturizing lotions and creams, you also want a producer you can be proud to support. Epicuren Discovery is a family owned and operated business in Aliso Viejo, CA, and is committed not only to providing results-driven lotions and creams, but also sustainable ones.

We are eager to lead by example in reducing our carbon footprint, embracing cruelty-free practices, and sourcing natural ingredients for all our moisturizing products.

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