“Liquid Gold” Metadermabolic Enzyme Complex

Skin aging occurs because skin cells both at the surface and beneath the skin degenerate over time, as the tissues lose the molecular resources and signals to regenerate on a regular basis. This leads to a host of issues we’re all familiar with: wrinkles, uneven texture, pigmentation, and more. Fortunately, research into severe skin damage has revealed a surprising secret to stimulating cell renewal that has long eluded scientists and skincare experts.

What Are Enzymes?

Enzymes are a broad category of molecules that are built from amino acids. They are proteins with a specific purpose: speed up whatever process they’re involved in. This includes everything from enzymes that speed metabolism, healing, cell growth, and other regular body processes.

Enzymes used in skincare products are typically designed to exfoliate skin gently by breaking down the keratin molecules that bind dead skin cells together. These enzymes, called proteolytic enzymes, are often derived from fruit and other natural sources.

Benefits of Enzymes in Skincare Products

Generally speaking, enzymes help revitalize the appearance of skin by brightening it and clearing pores of any built up dead cells. When used regularly, this has a host of benefits from preventing breakouts to brightening skin. Traditional skincare products with enzymes don’t work by stimulating the cell regrowth process, but simply by being effective, gentle exfoliators. Epicuren Discovery’s Metadermabolic Enzyme Complex, however, is different.

Is Epicuren’s Enzyme Complex Different Than Others?

Our enzyme formula is the result of decades of research finding the most effective, potent ingredients for people. Our discoveries led to the unique formula we now put into various products today, a trademarked mix of collagen, elastin, niacin, riboflavin, and biotin.

Because our enzymes aren’t plant-derived, they incorporate more naturally onto the surface of the skin, as these proteins are found throughout the skin and body already. This highly concentrated liquid serum is rich in vitamins and protein nutrients, designed to improve the overall appearance of the skin leaving it looking radiant. Epicuren’s Enzyme Concentrate Vitamin Protein Complex is perfect for individuals concerned with the aging process.

How to Use Metadermabolic Enzyme Complex Products

Because our Metadermabolic Enzyme Complex is so potent, most products that contain it shouldn’t be used every day. For best results, we recommend introducing the new product slowly into your skincare routine.

Different products will have different individual instructions. For example, our Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Cream can be used both day and night, but our Enzyme Concentrate Complex should only be used once or twice a week.

When beginning to use one of our enzyme products, it’s common to experience dryness and tightness, which is an indication that the product is working. This transition period should fade over the course of regular use and may require extra moisturization during this time.

Enzyme-Powered Skincare Products

Don’t just take our word for it, try our science-backed Metadermabolic Enzyme Complex in a wide variety of products for yourself today! From daily-use toners to age-defying moisturizers, our enzymes work differently than other enzyme skincare products that are focused solely on exfoliation. Browse our catalog or take our Skin Quiz to find enzyme complex products that are tailored to your unique skin type.

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