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Epicuren Discovery offers some of the best body cleansers, body washes, body polish, and body lotion products. All Epicuren body products are comprised of the best natural ingredients available and offer a solution for all skin types from normal skin through to oily, sensitive and combination skin.

Body Cleansers

Epicuren Discovery’s all-natural body cleansers offer proven results in a sustainable way. Using plant-derived oils and aromatherapeutic extracts, our cleansers are silky smooth and bring the spa experience to your home. And because all Epicuren Discovery products are made with the smallest carbon footprint possible, you can be proud of each and every purchase.

Body Wash

Your everyday body wash should do more than just clean—it should hydrate your skin and excite your senses. With Epicuren Discovery body washes, you get luxurious daily skin care powered by years of research and cutting-edge formulas. Plus, our body washes are made with sustainable, cruelty-free practices that ensure we have as small an environmental impact as possible.

Body Polish

Radiant, smooth, and resilient skin comes with care and practice. When you use Epicuren Discovery body polish, you’re giving your skin the very best care you can. Made from essential oils and sustainably sourced exfoliators, our body polish line allows you to experience healthy, glowing skin with only a few treatments per week.

Body Lotions

Your skin, the largest organ in your body, needs daily care to stay healthy and beautiful, and Epicuren Discovery’s body lotions are a spa-grade solution for all skin types: dry, oily, sensitive, or anything in between. Best of all, our lotions are developed from cruelty-free practices, and with specific steps in mind to source sustainable ingredients in an environmentally friendly way.

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