Pregnancy Safe Skincare Products

When you become pregnant, your whole life changes, from your diet to your wardrobe and everything in between. The drastic changes happening inside and out can have a substantial impact on your skin, making products that worked last month completely ineffective this month. And above all, you want to find skincare products that are safe to use during pregnancy to keep your baby healthy, and Epicuren Discovery is here to help.

Pregnancy Safe Acne Treatment

One of the most common issues pregnant women face is sudden outbreaks of acne, especially annoying when you’ve had clear skin for years. However, some chemicals in acne products, such as retinoids, can pose a risk to your developing baby, or even end up in breast milk if breastfeeding. Using simple, mild cleansers with few ingredients, like our Herbal Cleanser, twice a day as part of your skincare routine can help treat and prevent acne.

Pregnancy Safe Lotions

Another frustrating development in skincare during pregnancy is suddenly having drier skin than normal. As your body now needs to hydrate for two, it will find water wherever it can, sometimes leaving the skin with less moisture. You may discover that higher-grade products, such as an aromatic face cream or hydrating and nourishing moisturizer can help restore your skin, prevent damage and liven the senses during the process.

Pregnancy Safe Sunscreen

Keeping your skin safe from harmful UV rays is one of the most important ways to prevent long-term skin damage and cancer, which is why you should always use sunscreen when exposed for long periods of time. However, some of the chemical-based sunscreens have not been confirmed to be safe for use during pregnancy, so you may need to consider a mineral-based alternative. Pregnancy-safe sunscreens include those with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as their active ingredient.

Pregnancy Safe Skincare

Overall, keeping your skin healthy and clear not only helps boost your self-esteem during pregnancy, but also protects your skin for years to come. The best anti-aging strategy is to start while you’re ahead, using products packed with antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin K. While these can be isolated on their own, products made with green tea can also provide collagen-boosting antioxidant results.

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