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Polished Bliss


The Signature Body Polish Collection

Exfoliate and awaken the skin with these four invigorating decadent body scrubs.

Each formulated with a nourishing blend of ingredients that will leave the skin polished and revived.

Available in four indulgent scents

Sweet Mandarin Walnut Body Polish 
Mint Renewal White Sand Body Polish 
Papaya Pineapple Bamboo Body Polish 
Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Sugar Polish

exfoliation 101

Beautiful skin takes work and dedication…it’s definitely a process and the removal of dead skin cells is key in getting to that end result...a beautiful A-list glow. Exfoliating the face is easy to remember but what about the rest of the body? Your skin is the body’s largest organ and constantly turning over skin cells – experts say at the rate of over 75,000 cells per minute! The confusion for some is when to, how to, and what to exfoliate with? We put together a simple check list to help you with the process…


Less is more… Start your body exfoliation regime 2 times per week, spreading out treatments to avoid irritation to the skin.


A gentle touch… Apply polish to wet skin using light-pressured circular motions. DO NOT RUB HARSHLY. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. Follow with a body moisturizer like Epicuren®’s Avocado Soothing Moisturizer.


Pure and natural…take the time to research and shop for gentle buffing agents and granules that are finely milled so as to minimize any micro-tearing to the skin. Try one of these effective yet gentle exfoliants from the Epicuren® Body Polish Collection.


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