Simple Skin Care Resolutions

It is with your best “skin-tentions” that you plan to stick to your daily skincare routine, but even the most beauty-conscious women occasionally fall short.

Rather than make one big overwhelming commitment, we suggest keeping it simple by making a handful of smaller changes to maintain your healthy complexion.

1. Never Skip a Cleanse

It can be tempting to just climb into bed or rush off to start your day and skip the cleanse but it’s really the most key part of your skincare routine. Make a shift and make sure to cleanse morning and night!

2. Drink plenty of Water

Yes, we know you hear this all the time…but for good reason. Water is the best beauty secret of all! Staying hydrated will keep your skin looking hydrated and healthy. Always keep a bottle on hand so you never go without.

3. Keep Your Skincare Routine Consistent

It may be tempting to change it up and try something new because there are so many products on the market. But skincare experts recommend sticking to a set routine for at least 3 months before making any changes in order to see beneficial results.

4. Eat (or Drink) Your Greens

Just as natural products offer healthy benefits to your skin, so do eating your greens…or drinking them! Grab a (sugar free) green juice to go or better yet make your own. Try this simple recipe we like to call the “Green Goddess.” Juice

  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 cup water
  • 3 large kale leaves
  • 1 small green apple
  • 1 small piece raw ginger
  • juice from ¼ lemon.

Juice ingredients, pour over ice and enjoy! If you have a blender, add all ingredients and blend until liquefied. To strain pulp, push through cheesecloth. Yum!

5. Do Not Pick at Your Skin

You’ll be surprised by how quickly a blemish clears up when you resist the urge to pick and poke at it. We know it's tempting…trust us! What we also know is it’s very damaging and can leave life long scars.

Just say no and fight the urge to pick by cleansing the “bumps” and then treating with a blemish fighting product like Epicuren® Clarify Blemish Eraser.

6. Keep Your Pillow Case Clean

Bacteria can build up on your pillow cases and can be the root case of the breakouts you are experiencing. Keep a routine (and a fresh face) by switching out the pillowcases weekly.

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