Get That Spa Facial Glow at Home

We all want that A-list glow!

We all want that A-list glow! Attaining that brilliant radiance our favorite celebrities all seem to have can be easier than you think.

Proper exfoliation of the face and décolleté is the key. Here is a simple set of tips to follow…


You may notice your skin just isn’t as vibrant as it used to be. Most of us will naturally think we need “more hydration” and although this will not hurt, the main cause may be that you have simply skipped the exfoliation step…which is critical in getting that glow!

A facial exfoliator is essential for many reasons, according to Vanessa Grosso, Director of Education. “Exfoliation is your instant gratification BFF; this essential step can stop lines and wrinkles from making an appearance, keep blemishes away, and stop pores from appearing larger.

Plus, shedding that surface layer of dead skin gives the actives in your serums the best chance of doing their job and beautifying your skin.”


One to three times per week, preferably at night.


A gentle, finely honed scrub with natural polishing agents, digestive enzymes or a hydroxy acid like the products featured in Epicuren's Professional Face Exfoliation Line.

Here’s a simple 3-step process to get the most out of exfoliating…

1 Focus on the dry patches, but don't ignore the rest.

Check your skin in bright light and examine which areas may need more attention. Getting to know your skin will provide a better understanding of what it needs as well as what you want the end result to be.

2 Use a light touch.

Use upward, circular motions, and never pull or tug. Keep pressure gentle and allow the product to do the work. The key is not to overtreat a lighter touch is better. It's consistency that will produce results.

3 Always hydrate after you exfoliate.

Following your exfoliation, rinse with warm water to ensure all granuals are removed and gently pat dry. Next, lock in hydration with your favorite serum and skin quenching moisturizer.

The Result...

Smoother texture and a beautiful red carpet glow…


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