Benefits of Noni Skin Elixir

What is Noni

Noni is a superfruit that comes from the Noni tree, native to the tropical plains of Polynesia, Tahiti, Fiji, and Hawaii. The Noni fruit has been cherished for more than 2,000 years for its ability to cure a variety of ailments in the body.  As the Noni fruit ripens, it turns a yellowish-white color and emits a very distinct scent.

But as many alternative practitioners, skincare specialist, and their clients are discovering, it is more than worth the effort to explore and experience the bountiful benefits of this amazingly healing fruit. It may surprise you to know that the noni fruit and its juice are jam-packed with over 170 vitamins and nutrients.

1 - Anti-Inflammatory

Used traditionally as a natural skin healing aid, the superior antioxidants and vitamins found in Noni assist with delivering instant relief to inflamed skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and other irritated skin concerns.

2 - Collagen Repair

Noni is a rich source of nutrients including Vitamin C, A, flavonoids, potassium, linoleic and amino acids, which are known for improving skin tone and elasticity. Noni is also a rich source of phytonutrients known to boost the skin's natural process of repairing collagen.

Noni Skin Care

3 - Fights Breakouts

The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in Noni are helpful in fighting infection and breakouts on the skin. Not to mention Noni also helps hydrate the skin making it useful for combating acne and congestion.


4 - Hydrating

The presence of essential fatty acids in Noni supports the efficient functioning of cell membranes, keeping the skin feeling hydrated and healthy.  

5 - Sun Burn Relief

Noni acts as a natural anti-inflammatory helping to treat red, inflamed skin conditions making it an exceptional aid for sunburn relief. Noni hydrates the skin without trapping heat, allowing for a quick repair process. It also contains analgesic properties that can assist with pain relief. 



TIPS + TRICKS | Noni Skin Elixir

  • Post Wax - Apply Noni Skin Elixir after waxing or threading service to help heal the skin and reduce redness.
  • Sun Burn - Noni provides a nice cooling sensation when applied directly to sunburned skin and has been shown to rapidly reduce redness. Apply a thin layer over the entire area and let it dry.
  • Acne Mask - Mix Noni Skin Elixir with your favorite hydrating acne mask for a bacteria-fighting boost to combat active breakouts.
  • Skin Tightener - Add a pump of Noni to your best natural daily moisturizer and apply over the face, neck, and chest for a firmer skin tone and elasticity.
  • Post Pimple Healer - The healing properties in Noni Skin Elixir help to reduce redness and inflammation. Apply a thin layer over skin, then follow with a moisturizer to assist with scar prevention after breakouts and speed up healing time.

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