Why Is My Skin Dry Even Though I Moisturize?

For certain skin types and certain seasons, your normal skincare routine may not measure up to keeping it nice and moisturized all day. This can be frustrating but is also a normal experience, pointing to the need to make a change in your products or process, especially when adding more moisturizer throughout the day still doesn’t help. If you’re skin is dry even though you moisturize, here’s a checklist for what to consider to help your skin feel better.

Switch To a Gentler Cleanser

Many people think there’s nothing wrong with using a harsh cleanser if you moisturize soon after using it. And in fact, for people wanting to ensure their pores aren’t clogged and acne-ridden, a harsh cleanser may be their ideal for a good skincare routine. However, the skin environment is more complex than you may realize, which makes the strongest cleansers counterintuitively worse for your skin.

Harsh ingredients like alcohol and benzoyl peroxide strip away too much of the skin’s natural moisture and can even irritate the skin to invoke an inflammatory or other response. When this happens, no matter how great your moisturizer is, the skin won’t take up the compounds it needs, preferring instead to over-produce its own oil to protect itself. Switching to a more gentle formula that hydrates while it cleanses dirt and debris can make your moisturizer more effective and provide you with the hydration you need.

Make Sure to Moisturize Shortly After Washing

No matter how many products you use, you should still use your moisturizer at the end of your routine. Many cleansers, toners, and serums are partially hydrating with active ingredients like essential oils and other moisturizing compounds, but they aren’t primarily designed for protecting the surface of skin from dehydration due to air exposure.

Another thing to keep in mind is dehydration can happen fast. As soon as your skin is dry from your cleanser, it’s dehydrated. Leaving the barrier unprotected for any amount of time can lead to a feeling of dryness that may not be solved with moisturizer long after the cleansing. This also applies to steamy environments that can strip away skin oils, such as a hot bath or shower.

Switch Moisturizers

In many cases, the reason your skin feels dry even though you used a moisturizer is simply that you need a better, more hydrating moisturizer. This may even come down to the time of year, with winter typically being the more dry and dehydrating months where you might need a more potent product to get the hydration you need for day-long comfort.

Exfoliate Away Dead Skin Cells

A leading cause of dry-feeling skin is the lack of moisturizers’ ability to reach the layer of skin where they are most effective. This is commonly due to the buildup of dead skin cells throughout the face or in specific patches. To give your skin the best care, exfoliate it with a scrub or chemical exfoliant that can get rid of this buildup – just make sure to moisturize after that exfoliation too!

Get Enough Water

Your skin receives the bulk of its hydration, that is, water, from within your body. This is one of the many reasons it’s important to stay physically hydrated each day, so your skin has the moisture it needs to function well and feel great. The rule of thumb is to drink 8 ounces of water 8 times a day.

The Best Moisturizing Products for Your Skin

Beyond simply switching out your moisturizer for a more potent one, there are ways to enhance your skin’s ability to retain moisture and look smooth and full by augmenting your skincare routine with novel, professional-grade products. Check out these high-quality products by Epicuren Discovery and consider putting them into your daily routine.

  • After-Bath Moisturizer: Your skin needs nourishment almost immediately after taking care of cleansing your body. All our after-bath moisturizers are formulated to go a long way while providing a rich, luxurious aroma.
  • Moisture Surge Hyaluronic Acid Serum: When you feel the tight, dry sensation, start by adding this potent moisturizing serum to your routine. Hyaluronic acid is the essential component of your skin that draws water into it, and some days you just need a little boost.
  • Colostrum Hydrating Mist: This refreshing toner can be used anytime you feel the moisture leeching out of your skin for a quick, satisfying way to get some midday moisture.
  • Hydro Plus Moisturizer: Finally, for the dry months, switch to this highly potent moisturizer that can even help the skin look smoother and younger with its moisture-infused formula.

Professional Skincare Products by Epicuren Discovery

Find your new favorite product that can help you get the smooth, soft, supple skin of your dreams by browsing our complete collection of skincare products, ranging from the elevated daily use formulas to the most cutting-edge anti-aging products. Take our Skin Quiz to find products tailored to your unique skin type and skin concerns today.

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