What Is Crepey Skin and How Do You Get Rid of It?

Youthful skin is and looks full, radiant, and thick, and one of the many markers of aging is discovering your skin is thinning and becoming fragile looking. Many people assume crepiness is inevitable with the aging process, but there are both prevention and correction methods you can use with our high-quality skincare products to help your skin look youthful and beautiful for longer.

What is Crepey Skin?

Crepey skin is a general appearance of thinner, wrinkled, and fragile skin throughout the face, neck, and décolleté. It’s associated with sagging and the formation of wrinkles due to the lack of supportive collagen proteins in the skin and can almost feel like a tissue paper texture to some degree. Crepey skin can appear anywhere on the body, but it’s most common in sun-exposed areas such as the arms, face, and neck. The eyes and eyelids, as delicate areas of skin, are especially vulnerable to crepey skin.

Crepey Skin vs. Wrinkles

Crepey skin can create wrinkles, but wrinkles are not always caused by crepey skin. The difference is that wrinkles can affect small, specific areas of the face, such as the eyebrows, and crepey skin is a larger-area issue generally. Thinning, lax skin can lead to wrinkles, but wrinkles can also be caused by repeated muscle movements and sun damage that does not lead to crepey skin.

How Can You Prevent Crepey Skin?

The best cure for crepey skin is, of course, preventing it from appearing in the first place. The main cause of crepey skin is a lack of collagen that occurs naturally with aging. As early as age 20, the skin starts to lose elasticity due to a drop in the production of collagen, which only accelerates as you age. By starting to use professional-quality skincare products from as early an age as possible, you can infuse the skin on a regular basis with supplemental collagen and antioxidants to help the skin appear younger longer.

Getting Rid of Crepey Skin

If you’re starting to notice the appearance of crepey skin in your face or parts of your body, there are a few steps you can take to mitigate this development. Depending on your current skincare routine and products, here are a few ideas for how to step up your regimen to push back on this aging process.

Moisturizing And Firming Ingredients

Many anti-aging skincare products promise to be deeply hydrating or lifting, as a key method of reversing aging signs is by providing your skin with the moisture it needs to function well and appear smooth. Trust the potent active ingredients in Epicuren Discovery’s moisturizers like our Moisture Surge hyaluronic acid gel to help deliver hydration to your skin’s thinnest areas.

Skincare Acids

Not only hydrating but also taking care to exfoliate your skin regularly are essential. The best exfoliants not only cleanse the skin to scrub pores clear of dirt and debris, but also stimulate the skin. When done regularly as directed, exfoliation can help revive crepey skin in conjunction with a robust skincare routine.

Hydrating Masks

Facial masks aren’t just an excuse to pamper yourself on a weekly basis, they can also be an effective way of deeply nourishing skin or exfoliating it to help rejuvenate thinner looking skin. Detoxify and hydrate your skin with our premium formulas and help your skin look and feel less crepey.

Antioxidant Serums

Adding a potent serum like the ones made by Epicuren Discovery is an easy way to take your skincare to the next level. For people concerned about crepey skin, a great place to start is with a potent antioxidant serum like our Enzyme Concentrate Vitamin Protein Complex to help your skin against the aging process.  

Professional-Grade Products by Epicuren Discovery

If you’re worried about your thinning or wrinkling skin, the best time to start fighting back is now. With potent natural ingredients and science-backed formulas, our complete collection of anti-aging and other skincare products can help you keep your best-looking skin for longer. Find products that are ideal for your skin type and specific skin concerns by taking our Skin Quiz today!

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