What Is My Skin Tone? Warm, Cool, or Neutral?

Do you know what undertones you have that help you accentuate jewelry, clothing, and your makeup? Knowing the exact make up of your surface tone and undertone can help you choose the perfect skincare products and accessories to reveal your skin’s true beauty.

Why You Should Know Your Skin Tone

Many people go through life without having a good grasp of what makes them look fabulous in certain outfits more than others, even at different times of the year. The seasonality of the light and environmental “moods” can make certain colors and tones really pop during the winter but feel totally off-base during the summer. Knowing what natural undertones you have to play with can help you look your best in any season, taking advantage of the swings and fluctuations of the beauty all around us.

What is Your Skin Tone?

Discovering your skin tone can be done relatively easily with a few simple questions. No single factor can tell you exactly what type of skin tone you are, and it’s worth mentioning that most people are of neutral undertones, meaning most people look good in nearly any color and makeup type. However, for those who are wondering why they can’t just pull off certain colors like yellow or bright blue, knowing your skin tone can make a world of difference.

The three skin tones are cool, neutral, and warm. Each type corresponds to colors and styles that can make you stand out in any season.

Cool Skin Tone

You likely have a cool skin tone if the following applies to you:

  • Your veins in your wrist appear more blue than green
  • You have light colored eyes, especially if there are blue or green flecks as opposed to golden or hazel
  • You have light colored hair
  • You either don’t tan at all or you tan only slightly

Cool skin tones thrive in the winter and spring, when the light is cool, the contrast of colors are stark, and the air is crisp. You look the best in jewel-toned makeup and accessories, including everything from blue to magenta. You may want to avoid rusty colors and muted tones, and you can benefit from a dark mascara to really make your eyes pop.

Warm Skin Tone

If these traits describe your routine, you probably have a warm skin tone:

  • Your eyes are dark or have hazel or golden flecks
  • The veins in your wrist are more green than blue
  • You have a dark hair color
  • You tan easily
  • You look better in gold jewelry as opposed to silver

If you have warm undertones, you look best in yellow, gold, orange, and red shades. These people are made for the warmer seasons, with a natural complement to earthier tones built into their skin. Vibrant colors may not always work for you, so think about building a wardrobe and skincare routine around reds and yellows, or even olive green.

Neutral Skin Tone

Most people have a neutral skin tone, with characteristics of either both warm and cool tone skin or neither. These people luck out any time of year, able to accessorize and wear makeup of all tones and shades. If you have neutral undertones, stay away from formulas designed specifically for the other skin tone types, as they won’t have the same effect on yours as they’re meant to. Shades like rose gold are perfect for neutral skin tones, as they mix a blend of cool and warm colors that are a perfect representation of your natural skin type.

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