The Right Way To Apply Moisturizer

Although crafting and maintaining a good skincare routine can be confusing and difficult, the individual steps are totally simple, right? Just rinse, slather on some products in the right order, and get on with your day.

Skincare experts will tell you that’s not always the best strategy. In fact, there are several ways to make your routine ineffective, like applying moisturizer in the wrong way, that prevents you from enjoying the benefits of even the best natural moisturizer for your face.

Not Too Much, Not Too Little

The first mistake someone can make with moisturizers for face is using the wrong amount. Too much moisturizer leaves skin feeling slick and greasy, and can prevent makeup from adhering well. If using less product leaves your skin feeling too dry, it may be time to try a new, professional-grade moisturizer like our Hydro Plus moisturizer.

Beyond the effects of dry, cracked skin, not using enough moisturizer can also increase the signs of facial aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. When skin isn’t properly hydrated, collagen begins to break down, causing skin to lose elasticity and create wrinkles. Fight back with Epicuren Discovery’s Skin Rejuvenation Therapy cream, a best anti aging skin cream that includes enzymes and growth factors to halt the signs of aging.

Prepare Skin for Proper Absorption

Another problem people encounter when applying moisturizer is that it’s simply not effective; maybe even feeling like it’s just sitting on the skin rather than sinking into it. There are many reasons this could be happening, and the most common is that your skin hasn’t been cleansed or exfoliated properly before adding moisturizer.

The surface of your skin is more than just live skin cells. It also contains layers of dead, dry skin cells that can block products like moisturizers from getting to the skin beneath. Regular exfoliation ensures your pores are clear and no dead skin cells stand in the way of your hydrating cream.

Avoid Over-Layering Products

In some cases, layering too many or certain types of products during your skincare routine can make moisturizers less effective. If you’ve ever encountered an issue of “pilling,” where your moisturizer or other skincare products solidify and roll into beads that just fall off the face, you may be over-layering too many products. Wait between each application to allow the formulas to fully absorb into the skin before applying your moisturizer. If that doesn’t work, consider reducing the number of products or trying new, high-quality moisturizers with tested and proven formulas for daily hydration.

Know Your Skin

If you’re taking the time to make sure you know how to apply moisturizer in the optimal way, you care deeply about making your daily skincare regimen work for your unique skin type. And the more potent your products, the better results you can have! To find out which of Epicuren Discovery’s amazing skin care products, from moisturizers to sunscreen, is right for you, take our free skin quiz today. We have solutions for all types of skin that are made from natural products and proven with scientific evidence.

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