Body Cream vs. Lotion: The Secret To A Good Moisturizer

No one wants to walk around with dry, cracked skin, or use overly greasy products that feel like you’re leaving a trail on everything you touch. The best moisturizing products are those that your skin absorbs easily and are tailored to your specific needs, whether you have naturally dry or oily skin. That said, there are more options when it comes to moisturizing solutions than simply lotions or creams that provide even better results than what you’d find at the grocery store.

What’s the Difference Between Lotion and Cream?

As is the case with all the best body skincare products, the difference is in the formula. Lotions, which tend to be thinner and less greasy, have a higher water-to-oil ratio than cream, which is closer to 50/50. Because of this, body cream can provide long-lasting, super-effective hydration, whereas lotions are better suited for daily use when overly dry skin is not a problem.

What Makes a Good Moisturizer?

Just because body cream provides more moisturization doesn’t mean it’s the best product for your body care needs. The best moisturizing solution is one that is tailored to your unique skin condition, whether oily, dry, or somewhere in between. In addition, it should be professionally formulated for the best results.

While cheap lotions or creams can get the job done, they can’t achieve the luxurious experience or future-proofing abilities of products backed by scientific formulas and trusted by dermatologists. Products like the body care cleansers and moisturizers offered at Epicuren Discovery go beyond simply cleaning and protecting to provide anti-aging benefits with natural ingredients.

Adapting From Season to Season

One thing people who seek the best skincare routine understand is that the best results are found when your products are versatile. When winter comes, products that were effective in the summer air no longer protect from the harsh, dry environment. In summer, your products are tailored for UV protection with minimal moisturizing so as not to get too oily.

Because every environment and skin type is different, Epicuren Discovery makes moisturizing products that are specifically formulated to be the perfect amount of hydration without being overly greasy. Our Coconut Hydrating Milk strikes the perfect balance by being lightweight and perfectly moisturizing. This formula is potent enough that a little goes a long way—meaning you won’t need multiple pumps of the stuff found on the grocery store shelf in order to experience true hydration.

Professional-Grade Body Care Products

When it comes to any type of skincare product, from exfoliators to moisturizers, the ingredients matter. Epicuren Discovery’s complete line of the best skincare products for men and women can elevate your routine with cruelty-free, natural formulas. To find out how we can help you achieve glowing, healthy skin in any weather, take Your Skin Quiz to matched your skin with products that are right for you. And learn more about Epicuren’s mission to provide professional-grade skincare products with sustainable sources by reading about our mission.

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