The Best Way to Take Care of Textured Skin

Ideally, skin should look and feel smooth, not too slick, and well-hydrated. However, many factors play into how your skin looks and its overall health that can be hard to balance and manage without a robust, high-quality skincare regimen backed by proven formulas and potent active ingredients. For the best chance at relieving textured skin due to dehydration, excess oil, or a mottled complexion, here’s what you should look out for.

What is Textured Skin?

Skin texture is simply the way your skin looks and feels. There are many types of textured skin caused by many different things, even coming down to the weather. The most common skin texture concerns or issues are dry skin, oily and shiny skin, and uneven skin texture. Different skincare routines can help or hurt different skin types, so knowing how your skin reacts to certain ingredients, products, or changes in your environment is key to keeping your skin smooth and healthy-looking.

Dry or Dehydrated Skin

Dry skin usually tends to appear rough, flaky, and with fine lines that aren’t necessarily caused by aging skin. It’s caused by a lack of moisture in the skin that is affected by both a person’s skin type and their environment; drier, colder seasons can make otherwise normal skin dry, and make dry skin worse.

The remedy for dry skin texture is with a powerful moisturizer and careful attention to your skin. If you see or feel your skin, anywhere on your body, becoming cracked, tight, itchy, and dry, reach for your moisturizer. For those concerned about the delicate skin of the face, hyaluronic acid moisturizers are highly efficient at restoring water and therefore hydration to your skin. it’s also important to stay hydrated in general, drinking plenty of water especially in drier conditions.

Oily Skin Texture

While some people deal with a lack of moisture, others deal with way too much moisture-locking skin oil. Counterintuitively, this can sometimes result from a lack of moisture, where the skin produces more oil than necessary in an attempt to seal in the little hydration it has.

However, many times oily skin is a natural skin type that simply needs a high-quality skincare routine to manage. Using gentle but effective cleansers paired with deep-cleaning toners can help reset your oily skin texture each morning and night for a smoother, less blemish-prone complexion.

Uneven Skin Texture

Uneven skin can refer to both the physical feel of the skin as well as uneven pigmentation that may or may not be helped with better skincare products. This is not the same as combination skin, which is a skin type that produces too much oil in some locations of the face and not enough in others.

Frequently, uneven skin texture is due to the buildup of dead skin cells in certain areas of the face, contributing to dull texture in some spots, making the skin appear unevenly well-taken care of. To help solve uneven skin texture, exfoliation is often a great place to start. With the right exfoliant for the face or body, you scrub away dead skin cells that can clog pores and look flaky to reveal fresh skin underneath.

Best Products for Textured Skin

Depending on the type of textured skin you’re experiencing, Epicuren Discovery has professional-grade formulas backed by science that can help.


When your skin feels or looks dry, turn to powerful ingredients like hyaluronic acid for a Moisture Surge that can deliver moisture to your face and neck and help maintain a youthful appearance with smooth, plump-looking skin. Use your moisturizer after cleansing your skin thoroughly for the best uptake of its nourishing formula.

Cleansers and Toners

Cleansing is essential for all skin types and especially for oily skin. If your skin texture is slick and too shiny, simply cleansing may not be enough. To truly eliminate excess oil from your pores, adding a clarifying and revitalizing toner like our Protein Mist Enzyme Toner can prepare your skin to receive the proper moisture it needs while helping keep pores from clogging and breaking out.


Skin texture issues are commonly caused by the uneven buildup of dead skin cells and other skincare products that you may not be completely removing each time you cleanse. To go deep and really experience a true cleansing, exfoliating your skin on a regular basis, both face and body, can help revitalize your skin texture and give you smoother, softer skin. For facial exfoliation we recommend our Micro-Derm Ultra Refining Scrub or our Clarify Polishing Mask for those with more oily skin. For body exfoliation, try our tropical or indulgent Body Polishes.

Find More Professional Skincare Products

For concerns about skin texture, there are as many options as there are causes of poor skin texture. Fortunately at Epicuren Discovery, we have a complete line of professional-grade formulas developed with decades of pharmaceutical skincare research to help your skin thrive. Discover products formulated specifically for your skin type and concern by browsing our catalog or taking our Skin Quiz today.

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