Nighttime Skincare Routine for Combating Oily Skin


Hi guys. My name is Yesenia and I'm going to be showing you my nighttime skincare routine for combating oily skin. In this video, I'm going to go over a few of my favorite Epicuren products to help keep my skin clear and my pores nice and clean. Also, I've recently added anti-aging products to help with the early signs of aging. I love that Epicuren is a customizable line because it literally has something for anything that my skin might be going through. 

Step 1 - Eye Make Up Remover

I'm going to start my routine by using my favorite product I cannot live without, the Crystal Clear Eye Makeup Remover. It's super important to make sure that you're removing all of your makeup at night so your skin has a chance to breathe and take in all the nutrients that you're putting on.The product goes a long way, so you need only a small dime size amount.

If you have really stubborn mascara, you can just massage it a little longer to get everything off. Then I gently wipe away using a damp cloth.

Step 2 - Facial Cleanser

Now I'm going to cleanse my face with the Citrus Herbal Cleanser. This is a great everyday foaming cleanser that I like to use because it really helps clean my pores without drying my skin. This cleanser also goes a long way. I only use about two pumps onto the palm of my hands and I work into a nice foamy lather.

Apply to the face in circular motions. It works great for normal, combination and oily skin types. It's sulfate-free and contains lecithin and cucumber extract, which help dissolve any excess oil. I make sure to pay attention to the more oily areas like my T zone. At home, I would use the sink and washcloth, but for this, I'll just remove with a damp towel.   On my extra glam days, I double cleanse just to ensure that any leftover makeup is thoroughly removed.

Step 3 - Exfoliation

Next, I'm going to exfoliate my skin using the Pumpkin Apple Spice Peel. I use this peel about three times a week and it leaves my skin feeling super soft and glowy. You can apply this with a fan brush or even just use your fingertips. I apply a thin layer over my entire face and neck and just let it sit for about five to seven minutes. You might feel a warm tingle, but that's okay, that means it's working. This peel is great for acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and refining the pores. Now, I'm going to remove this gently with a damp towel then I'll be ready for my next step.

Step 4 - Toner

Now I'm going to tone my face with a few spritzes using the Refresh Aloe Cucumber Mist. Toners are important because they help balance your skin's pH allowing your skin to absorb the nutrients in your boosters and your moisturizers.

Step 5 - Peptides

And now it's time for an anti-aging boost. I'm going to use the Pro-Collagen + Serum Amplifier. I apply a few pumps to my hand and gently massage the product onto my skin, paying closer attention to the areas of concern, which are around my eyes and smile lines.

The Pro-Collagen is a powerhouse blend of peptides that help plump up my fine lines and any wrinkles I might have. You can use this product all over or spot treat as a night cream. I like to add a little on my lips.

Step 6 - Moisturizer

Okay guys and for my final step, I'm going to be using my favorite moisturizer, the Acidophilus Facial Cream. I apply this all over my face and neck. It's super important to show your neck some love. That part of your skin also needs nourishment. I love this moisturizer because it helps balance my excess oil while hydrating my skin. It contains probiotics to help kill bacteria, which helps me prevent any breakouts. It also contains silver, which is super healing and restores the skin. This moisturizer is ideal for oily, acneic and sensitive skin types and it's also great for both morning and night time use.

And that completes my nighttime skincare routine. If you guys have any questions about any of the products that I used, please leave a comment below and don't forget to like and follow.


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