Is There A Difference Between Body Polish and Body Scrub?

Among all the terms in the skincare world, body polish and body scrub might be the most similar-sounding. And while the experience of a body polish and scrub are similar, they achieve different results, so it helps to know what to expect from a body polish vs. a body scrub.

What is a Body Scrub?

Body scrubs are formulas that contain an exfoliating agent, such as sugar, salt, or coffee grounds, that are used on various areas of the body in need of exfoliation. Scrubs can be done by professionals at a spa or done at home with pre-made body scrub formulas and offer many exfoliating benefits. While they offer exfoliating benefits, scrubs also cleanse the skin and when used us a circular motion, can help increase blood circulation where they are used.

What is a Body Polish?

Similar ingredients are used to create body polishes, including, salt, sand, or other exfoliating agents that buff away dead skin cells from the surface of skin. Body polishes are frequently found in spa treatments and often prepare the skin for another treatment, such as a seaweed or mud wrap. These treatments and formulas help open up pores in anticipation of other steps to a good skincare routine, helping increase the hydrating benefits of other techniques.

Difference Between Body Scrub and Polish

The key difference between these two formulas is that a body scrub is meant to clean and exfoliate, whereas a body polish does not clean the skin, only exfoliate it. There are several reasons why someone would want to use one or the other, but from our perspective, cleansing while exfoliating doesn’t provide the same benefits that physical exfoliation on its own provides. Physical exfoliation helps your skin glow, whereas cleansing it has a chance to strip away natural oils that your skin needs to help with dehydration.

Best Body Exfoliant: Salt or Sugar?

Two of the most common exfoliants used in body scrubs and body polishes are salt and sugar. After trying both kinds you may find a personal preference, but in general they are both good foundations for body polishes and scrubs. Salt is typically reserved for a more in-depth treatment and comes with the added benefit that salt is a natural anti-bacterial compound. Sugar is more mild which has been known to reduces the risk of irritation or inflammation from a formula, and it better hydrates skin as a better emollient than salt.

The Best Body Polish For Your Skin

At Epicuren Discovery, we provide natural, professional-grade body polishes for one reason: to help your skin look radiant and help your other skincare products be as effective as possible. Depending on your preferences for aromas, we have three body polishes that utilize natural exfoliating compounds like brown sugar and white sand to help soften and smooth the look of your skin. After trying a body polish, you’ll know why it’s a great way to achieve a moisturized texture to your skin with just one or two uses each week.

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