Eye Cream vs. Eye Serum: What’s The Difference And Which Is Best?

The first place on your face that starts to experience the early signs of aging is under and around your eyes. This delicate skin is subject to tension and wrinkling due to the constant motion of muscles used to make expressions, and often develops dark circles or sun spots that can make you look older than you are.

Many people turn to specific under-eye creams and other products, but how do you know if you need a thick eye cream or a more thin but potent solution? Let’s find out together.

Differences Between Eye Cream and Eye Serum

Depending on the factors you’re concerned about, a serum or a cream may be more appropriate for your skin type. Here’s what to know about the differences between serums and eye creams.


The first thing you’ll notice is that an eye cream is thick – thicker than your average moisturizer, even. This is in contrast to the thin, watery feel of a serum, which helps it absorb quickly. The thickness corresponds to the amount of lipids and fatty acids in eye cream, active ingredients that lock in moisture in the skin.

Method of Effectiveness

As mentioned, serums are easily absorbable. Eye serums, like our Eye Alive Serum, are full of potent ingredients designed to work within the skin to revitalize its appearance and help with your eye care concerns.

On the other hand, creams sit on the surface of skin. The rich lipids found in our Eye Cream help lock in moisture both in the morning and at night. While this is done on purpose, the fact is that this moisturization serves to lock ingredients out with larger molecules preventing compounds from entering the skin.

Affordable vs. Premium

While not true in every case, the more you pay the more you get when it comes to specialty skincare products like eye cream and eye serum. There are many active ingredients that can benefit the skin around the eye in both serums and creams, and the more affordable products likely don’t have as many types of ingredients or as much of them. Plus our professional-grade eye skincare products last a long time. Although a bottle may seem small, the little amount you use each day makes it last far beyond its looks.

Applying Eye Creams and Serums

Before applying either an eye cream or eye serum, you should have already cleansed your face with a gentle cleanser and optionally used a toner for specialty benefits. The next step in your routine would be any serums you want to apply, including eye serum.

The goal with eye skincare is to be very delicate while applying potent formulas like the ones in our products. For the serum, take a small amount and put it on the back of your hand. Then, using a fingertip, lightly tapping all around your eyes until the product has fully absorbed, which can take about a minute after your last touch.

Then, unless you have other serums to apply, lightly rub the eye cream around your eyes, avoiding the eyes themselves, of course. Follow with your other facial moisturizer and sun protection (if it’s morning) and you’re all set!

Professional-Grade Skincare by Epicuren Discovery

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