Is Colostrum The New Collagen?

The word collagen has been thrown around for years in the skincare community, with products that stimulate increased collagen production being hailed as the holy grail of skincare benefits. In recent years, however, those who are on the cutting edge of skincare ingredients are getting more excited about a compound that may sound familiar, but for a very different reason: colostrum.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is an essential protein found throughout the human body, used as a structural compound in the skin, which promotes  skin elasticity and firmness. When collagen breaks down, or naturally decreases through aging, lines and wrinkles can form in the skin, which is why collagen is so frequently talked about in anti-aging skincare products.

Studies have shown that many of the active ingredients we use in our skincare products such as retinols and antioxidants may help to stimulate the appearance of collagen production and help the skin with environmental factors. These are great parts of any professional-grade skincare product, but they’re being challenged in their benefits by this new effective ingredient, colostrum.

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is the term for the breast milk produced shortly after giving birth for several days. We know, not exactly anyone’s first thought when it comes to skincare, but this substance is jam-packed with growth factors, immune system boosters, and other compounds that newborns need and benefit from greatly. And just to put your mind at ease, all the colostrum we source for our products comes from humanely treated cows, not humans.

Benefits of colostrum include its ability to help with the appearance of irritated skin as well as providing the skin with a huge boost of growth factors and nutrients for healthier-looking skin.

Collagen vs. Colostrum

When it comes to comparing colostrum and collagen, there’s not a direct correlation between them. On the one hand, collagen is in your body constantly, and is important not just for skin health, but also for essential bodily functions. Colostrum, on the other hand, is something applied to your skin for its many benefits. One such benefit may even be an increase in the appearance of collagen, so that, in a way, colostrum and collagen are two parts of a skin-enhancing process.

Trying to apply collagen directly to the skin is difficult, as the collagen molecule is actually far too large to pass through the skin barrier and get to where it has the greatest effect. Collagen skincare products use hydrolyzed collagen, or broken-up collagen, to make the chain shorter and therefore more absorbable. However, doing this means that the molecule is no longer usable as collagen, and the skin may not necessarily repair it.

Our Collagen + Serum Amplifier uses other proven active ingredients to boost hydration, helping skin to look more plump, youthful, and smooth. Its job is to encourage the appearance of collagen production, which is perfect for individuals concerned with the aging.

Our products with colostrum in them are highly effective and can help with  the appearance of irritated skin by providing rich, nourishing, hydrating compounds in our Luminous Glow Cream and Colostrum Hydrating Mist.

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