Green Tea Skin Benefits: How To Use Green Tea For Flawless Skin

Green tea is a symbol of zen, health, and purity, and has been used for millennia throughout the world for all kinds of benefits and purposes. It has made its way from the forests of China to the health and wellness industry of professional cosmetics, where green tea continues to provide essential, high-quality nourishment and protection.

What is Green Tea?

Green tea is what you think it is: the ancient drink that has helped many people warm up in the morning or stay awake during a drowsy afternoon. Many people enjoy the soothing beverage by adding a green tea bag to warm water. Green tea is made from green tea leaves and buds of the Camellia sinensis plant, more commonly known as the tea plant. Its active ingredients that provide skincare benefits include:

  • Caffeine
  • Tannins
  • Polyphenols (catechins)

Green Tea Skincare Benefits

Green tea provides many protective capabilities and even anti inflammatory properties. While caffeine and tannins help shrink blood vessels mildly, decreasing swelling and puffiness, polyphenols are known for their potent antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are essential for protecting your skin against harmful environmental compounds called free radicals that damage skin cell DNA and eventually lead to premature signs of aging. Antioxidants like those found in green tea neutralize free radicals.

Applying vs. Drinking Green Tea

It’s no surprise that a common question people ask about getting the benefits of green tea for their skin is whether they should drink it or apply green tea directly to their skin. It’s totally fine to drink green tea, which potentially has its impact on your skin health when consumed, but a more direct and guaranteed route to gaining green tea’s benefits is to use it in a topical skincare product.

Our green tea skincare products are designed with complementary active ingredients like seaweed and aloe vera that have been known to provide a soothing effect for all skin types allowing it to look radiant and moisturized all day.

How to Best Use Green Tea

Our green tea-infused products are used as needed to refresh the skin. Applying green tea topically can benefit those faced with irritation from sun damage or people with sensitive skin. For example, our Aloe Vera Calming Gel  delivers botanicals and green tea extract to lessen the appearance of redness, swelling, and sensitivity, while helping hydrate and deliver antioxidants.

On the other hand, a green tea mask can effectively rejuvenate your skin in a matter of minutes. our Green Tea & Seaweed Soothing Mask helps you experience a luxurious escape up to twice a week, purifying skin and providing rich hydration for soft, supple skin. A green tea face mask uses green tea extracts to soothe the skin, refresh oily skin, and remove dead skin cells.

Best Skincare Products with Green Tea

While you can simply brew up a mug of green tea, wait for the soaked tea bags to cool, and apply them to your face, the best way to incorporate this rich antioxidant into your routine is through products specifically designed to complement and enhance the green tea benefits for skin. Our team uses pharmaceutical research to design and develop professional-grade moisturizers, cleansers, and more, using only the most proven, potent ingredients like green tea. Learn more about our products or find personalized results for your skin type by taking our Skin Quiz today!

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