A Vegan Skincare Routine That Really Works

If you care about your lifestyle and all its impacts on the world, you know that a vegan diet is less wasteful, less expensive, and much more environmentally friendly way to eat than the alternatives. And the benefits of going vegan apply to more than just your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, since so many skincare products utilize animals and animal byproducts in their production methods.

At Epicuren Discovery, we make it a point to source organic, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients when possible, so you feel good about what you use on a daily basis. Here’s what we know makes a vegan-friendly skincare routine effective and guilt-free.

Benefits of a Vegan Skincare Routine

Good vegan skin care products can be just as effective as products with ingredients sourced from animals, which means you don’t have to settle for weak, non-effective vegan beauty products. At Epicuren Discovery, we make a point to source as many potent and proven active ingredients from vegan sources as possible.

The benefits of a vegan skincare regimen extend beyond your skin and into the world at large, reducing the demand for animal products and byproducts in the cosmetic industry.

Avoid Toxic Ingredients

Similar to a vegan diet, artificial or untested compounds do not power our vegan-certified products. This helps keep your body and your skin clear of unnatural, toxic, and unclean ingredients that may or may not contribute to an unsatisfying lifestyle.

Improve Skin Quality Over Time

Vegan skincare products are powered by years of scientific research to formulate products with intention, using only the best ingredients such as peptides, minerals, Vitamin C, and antioxidants that help the skin to appear nourished skin gently and provide compounding effects over time.

Vegan products can be especially helpful for people with sensitive skin or dry skin, as animal-derived ingredients often have inflammatory properties or can cause irritation that makes it more difficult to enjoy healthy-looking skin.

Vegan Skincare Products for Your Daily Routine


The necessary first step in any good skincare routine is a gentle, vegan cleanser. Our recommended formula for vegan customers is our Citrus Herbal Cleanser, made with potent and aromatic essential oils. This is a revitalizing experience that foams gently to dissolve excess oil, grime, and makeup residue.


Especially for people concerned about blemishes, a high-quality toner is highly effective at cleaning your pores during your daily routine while also refreshing your appearance throughout the day. We’re proud to offer Rebalance and Rewind Vegan Collagen Toner powered by scientifically proven ingredients, that nourish the appearance of your skin with potent antioxidants, natural fruit acids, and plant-derived collagen.


For people interested in high-quality skincare, you know the power a good vegan serum can have on your daily routine. Take your skincare to the next level with our Strengthen and Rebuild Vegan Serum Concentrate to help visibly soften fine lines, moisturize your skin, and give your skin a supple, youthful appearance on a daily basis.


One of our most popular moisturizers, our Hydro Plus Moisturizer, is more than just luxurious, it’s also vegan. Experience the professional difference with this rich, creamy moisturizer formulated with hyaluronic acid that reduces your dependence on animal byproducts for moisturizing.


The best vegan skincare routine acknowledges that the number one cause of premature aging is sun exposure over time. Fight back with a potent antioxidant sunscreen like our vegan Defend and Balance Tinted Mineral SPF 50  sunscreen for daily use or whenever you plan on spending a few hours outdoors.

Professional-Grade Vegan Skincare Products

If you’re passionate about your vegan lifestyle, you don’t have to compromise when it comes to taking care of your skin concerns. Our professional-grade formulas are derived from decades of pharmaceutical research that isn’t limited to traditional techniques and active ingredients. Discover more vegan products on our site by taking our Skin Quiz today to be matched with your skin type and specific concern.

Discover more products that don't use animal testing by browsing our vegan products or taking our Skin Quiz today!

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