6 Facial Toner Benefits You Must Know About

Facial toner is a versatile and highly effective skincare product that we recommend as part of your skincare routine. Let’s discuss what facial toner is and some of the main benefits you can enjoy.

What is Facial Toner?

A facial toner is a liquid-based product that helps the skin appear hydrated, removes excess oil and impurities, and visibly tightens the pores. Different toners may contain astringents to visibly tighten the skin and/or natural ingredients like witch hazel or rosewater for a hydrating, cleansing effect. Since various toners have different formulas, they each can have slightly different benefits for the skin.

How Does Facial Toner Work?

Facial toners contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that refresh the skin and help remove remaining oil or dirt after facial cleansing. The result is the appearance of clearer, brighter skin with reduced redness and a tighter-looking effect. 

Who Should Use a Facial Toner?

While anyone can benefit from a facial toner, it’s important to choose a product designed for your skin type. Facial toner is a great addition to your skincare routine if you have oily or acne-prone skin since the product is designed to remove excess oils from pores. People with dry or sensitive skin can use toner but might benefit from a moisturizing toner rather than one with astringent properties. 

How to Use Facial Toner

Facial toner should be used after cleansing your face and before application of moisturizers and serums. Apply a generous amount on a cotton pad and swipe it onto the face in upward motions, avoiding the eyes and mouth. If you are using a spray-on toner, hold it a few inches away from your face, evenly spritz it on, and then use your fingers to gently pat it on.

Benefits of Using Facial Toner

Facial toner offers many benefits for your skincare routine. This is what you can expect after using a toner:

1. Prepares the Skin 

Facial toner is important to help retain moisture and maintain healthy-looking skin.  Toners are packed with potent ingredients and help prepare your skin for what's coming next with your serums and moisturizers. 

2. Smooths Skin

Dehydrated or sensitive skin is often itchy, red, and uncomfortable. Toners with botanicals and natural humectants draw water onto the skin to help with visibly irritated or sensitive skin. This will help your skin feel and look vibrant.

3. Refreshes Skin

Facial toner can give your skin the refreshment it needs by quickly penetrating onto the pores for a hydrating and clarifying effect. Your skin will look and feel healthier after a facial toner application.

4. Hydrates Skin

Toners with botanical extracts have hydrating properties to help retain moisture. Dehydrated skin can make fine lines and wrinkles more prominent and the hydrating effects of facial toner will revitalize skin to look more firm, plump, and glowing.

5. Removes Dirt, Makeup & Oil

Dirt, makeup, and oil can get stuck in the pores, leading to acne and congested skin. Facial toner can successfully remove stubborn residue left on the skin after cleansing.

6. Added Skin Benefits 

Depending on the ingredients used, facial toners can be uniquely tailored to combat acne, improve the look of dry or dehydrated skin, reduce visible redness, and help with overall youthful-looking skin.

How to Pick the Best Face Toner for Your Skin Type

Toners for Normal Skin 

“Normal” skin is not overly dry or oily, meaning it naturally has a good balance and won’t be as sensitive to astringent toners. Try one of these three toners, each formulated for different needs:

Toners for Oily Skin & Acne-Prone Skin 

Oily skin can benefit from astringent skincare products that dry out excess oils from the skin. Check out these products to combat oily or acne-prone skin:

Toners for Dry Skin 

To visibly hydrate dry skin, we recommend toners made with moisturizing ingredients or water-based formulas. These facial toners are specially formulated for dry skin:

Toners for Sensitive Skin 

Astringents are often too strong for sensitive skin, which is why we have designed toners and products with botanical extracts. If you have sensitive skin, consider the following products: 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does toner do to your face?
    1. Toner removes impurities stuck in the pores, clarifies the skin, and gives the appearance of tighter pores.
  2. Is it good to use toner every day?
    1. Yes; toner is often beneficial when used with your everyday skincare routine. It can be used in the morning and at night.
  3. Does toner remove dark spots?
    1. Facial toner can help to improve the appearance of dark spots.
  4. Do I have to use toner every day?
    1.  Toner should be used after every cleanse.
  5. Do you have to let it dry before applying another product?
    1. Wait until your skin feels damp, not wet, to apply serums and moisturizer after using facial toner.
  6. When do you apply toner?
    1. Facial toner should be applied after cleanser and before moisturizer or serums.
  7. Does toner shrink your pores? 
    1. While facial toner doesn’t exactly shrink the pores, it does help to visibly tighten the skin, which can improve the appearance of large pores.

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