Interactive and Online

Epicuren’s interactive webinars allow you, the student, to feel as though you are attending one of Epicuren®'s education workshops here at the training facility. You will be able to ask questions and speak or chat directly with your instructor via computer, tablet, or smart phone Pre-Registration is required. Epicuren webinars are available to established Certified Epicuren Retailers only. Please call 1.800.235.1217 to register.

Epicuren® Discovery’s Award-Winning Signature Facial Featuring Our Metadermabolic™ Enzyme Trio

In this class, we dig deep into the synergy of Epicuren®’s award-winning Metadermabolic Enzymes and Signature Facial. We’ll explore the revolutionary combination of proteins and B vitamins and why they have the power to profoundly improve the look and feel of the skin. With a live demonstration of the Epicuren Signature Facial, you will see for yourself why this unique facial is known as the best anti-aging treatment in the industry.

with Instructor Sophia Parmenter

Wednesday, April 17th
10 AM – 11:00 AM PDT