"I'm crazy about the [Epicuren] Ultra Rose Treat Enzyme Moisturizer most of all. I'm relieved to know what works for me."

Amanda Seyfried

"I'm a coconut [Epicuren Kukui Coconut After Bath Moisturizer] lover!"

Gwen Stefani

"I have used their products [Epicuren Discovery] for a couple of years to help fight wrinkles, sun damage, and dryness, and I've actually seen results."

Kristen Davis

“I’ve been using the Epicuren Colostrum Hydrating Mist.  I use it on all my flights. Its pretty much the elixir of life.”

Lindsay Price
(from US Weekly Magazine “What’s in my bag” May 7, 2018)

“I put Epicuren rose oil on everything.  Its deeply hydrating and the scent is uplifting”

Megan Fox

“I love how clean my skin feels after using this gel (Epicuren Herbal Cleanser).  Unlike most cleansers, it completely removes my makeup without leaving any residue behind.”

Jessica Simpson

“In 2 weeks my skin felt softer and smoother.  The laugh lines around my mouth and the baby crow’s feet around my eyes looked a little less pronounced – no doctor appointments or injections needed.”

on our Epicuren InjecStem Bio-Firming Serum.

“The Papaya Pineapple Bamboo Body Polish is a vacation to Barbados complete with a soothing breeze and refreshing rum slushy.  Airfare not required!"


“Its light enough to layer under other products and powerful enough to tackle bothersome signs of aging!”

NewBeauty Editors on Epicuren Pro Collagen + Serum Moisturizer.

“My sons’ preschool teacher just told me I look 20 years younger – and all I could say was that I’ve been using Epicuren, and the Acidophilus Probiotic Moisturizer, Bulgarian Rose Otto Facial Oil, and Moisture Surge have saved my skin.  I’m just beaming from this compliment!”

Rebecca Schlegel – Registered Nurse