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When it comes to finding the best body wash and shower care products for your daily routine, you need something that will cleanse without drying you out and provides a luxurious, spa-like experience every day. Epicuren Discovery’s professional-grade body washes are specially formulated, mild cleansers with rich scents powered by essential oils.

Antibacterial Body Wash

For a deep clean with antibacterial benefits, Epicuren Discovery’s body washes are a great way to get rid of harmful bacteria during your daily routine. Our antibacterial body wash is great for acne treatment and blemish prevention all over the body. Formulated with natural ingredients, you won’t have to worry about the side effects of synthetic, artificial materials.

Acne Body Wash

Body wash to treat acne needs to be both powerful yet gentle to ensure skin is not overly dried out and damaged. At Epicuren Discovery, our acne body wash is perfect for killing the harmful bacteria that cause acne while being gentle on healthy skin, hydrating as it cleanses.

Fragrance-Free Body Wash

If you’re sensitive to or simply annoyed by the synthetic scents mass manufacturers pack into their body wash, Epicuren Discovery’s low-fragrance and fragrance-free body wash products may be the perfect solution.

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