What Is Combination Skin, And How Do You Take Care Of It?

There are many naturally occurring skin types that may require different products or skincare routines to properly take care of. You’d never see someone with a naturally oily complexion using the rich, heavy creams someone with dry skin needs to properly hydrate, and vice versa. One of these skin types has an even harder time than most, as they’re not just one type: they have oily skin in some places and dry skin in others. Here’s how people with combination skin types can finally solve the problem of their dual identity skin.

What is Combination Skin?

By definition, people with combination skin experience oiliness in the “T-zone,” and dryness everywhere else. The T-zone is a roughly T-shaped region of your face that includes that forehead, nose, and sometimes chin. If, throughout the day, this area becomes greasy and shiny, while your cheeks stay the same or even become dry and flaky, you’ve got combination skin.

Another longer-term indicator of combination skin is people who frequently find blemishes in the T-zone, while the rest of the face seems relatively acne-free over the course of a month or two.

What Causes Combination Skin?

In most cases, combination skin is an unavoidable effect of your genetics. In addition, environmental factors like the weather or season can aggravate or emphasize certain aspects of combination skin. During dry months, the non-oily part of skin can be even more flaky or sensitive, and during the summer, it seems like the sweat and oils just never stop flowing.

If you have combination skin, it’s important to use the right blend of products, as your skin is, unfortunately, more susceptible to adverse reactions if your products are too harsh or not strong enough. People with severe combination skin may even need to use two sets of products; one for the T-zone and one for everywhere else.

Best Products for Combination Skin

People with combination skin should play it safe with their skin by only using high-quality products that don’t incorporate harsh ingredients like alcohol or acids. Due to the tendency of dry skin to also be sensitive, stay away from overly perfumed products, where fragrance chemicals can cause breakouts and redness in those areas. Always look for non-comedogenic products, or products that won’t clog pores, especially for those battling acne and blemishes in the T-zone.

At Epicuren Discovery, we believe the best products for combination skin are those that are gentle, and contain natural ingredients, so no area gets overly dried out or too thickly moisturized.

Professional-Grade Combination Skincare

Our carefully formulated and curated collection of combination skincare products include some of the best products that create an appearance of hydration without the pore-clogging ingredients you’d find in lower-quality products. At Epicuren Discovery, we know it can be confusing and challenging to find skincare products with proven ingredients that actually work for people’s specific skin types, which is why we created our Skin Quiz to match people with the best, most potent products for their unique concerns. Check out our other collections of anti-aging and sun care products to see how we can help you get the best skin of your life.

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