What is Colostrum and How is It Used in Skincare?

Colostrum is an innovative ingredient added to our cutting-edge skincare products. This natural-based ingredient contains immune boosting properties to help maintain the appearance of healthy looking skin. Although colostrum has recently gained popularity, we have been using it at Epicuren for over twenty years.  

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is the first milk produced after birth. It's unlike regular breast milk or traditional milk because it contains a high concentration of nutrients that are only present during the first few days. Humans and other mammals produce colostrum, but we will be focusing on bovine colostrum (cow's milk) since this is the type of product used in skincare. 

Colostrum contains high concentrations of growth factors, maternal immune cells (white blood cells), antimicrobial factors, immunoglobulins (antibodies), and nutrients that support the baby's immune system and help it fight off pathogens. These powerful antibodies also help newborns grow and develop properly. 

How is Colostrum Harvested?

Cows produce an excess of colostrum that is mixed into the milk used to make dairy products. Normally this surplus colostrum would be disposed of since it has a low clotting temperature and high protein content that interferes with pasteurization and the production of dairy products. Instead of this being disposed of we harness  it for skincare products. Colostrum supplements can also be obtained for animal feed or human consumption. This harvested colostrum only comes from about 3% of dairy farms in the United States and is specially processed to ensure its high quality and integrity.

How is Colostrum Used in Skincare?

Colostrum is rich in growth factors and antibodies, which are perfect for individuals concerned with the aging process. Healthy looking skin means a glowing, smooth complexion and youthful look. 

Colostrum has been known to help with the appearance of skin elasticity and fine lines and wrinkles. Colostrum contains many nutrients, making it a beneficial ingredient for people with sensitive skin. We recommend our Colostrum Hydrating Mist to refresh the face, body, and hair or the Colostrum Luminous Glow Cream with aloe and citrus for an intense glow  and a more radiant looking complexion.

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