What are Tech Neck Lines?

Tech neck lines appear as visible horizontal lines and wrinkles along the neck. Tech neck lines are caused by individuals looking down at computer or phone screens for prolonged periods of time. These repetitive poor posture habits eventually lead to unwanted wrinkles on the neck. The neck is highly susceptible to the formation of wrinkles because the skin on the neck is thinner and more delicate than other areas of the body. 

What Causes Tech Neck Wrinkles?

Tech neck lines are fine lines or wrinkles that appear far ahead of their time due to poor posture from looking down at technology. This repetitive stance performed multiple hours daily yields visible signs of aging and draping of the skin on the neck.

How to Prevent Tech Neck?

Tech neck can begin developing as young as your twenties or thirties. This condition is challenging to eliminate once the lines have formed on the skin.

Improve Posture

The number one way to prevent tech neck is to be aware of your posture and body position throughout the day. Whether you look down at a cell phone and continually scroll or work at a computer at a desk, moving your body and switching your posture throughout the day is essential. Viewing your screen at an eye level can keep your neck straight, and help minimize early lines and wrinkles from developing.

Sleep on One Pillow

We spend around one-third of our lives sleeping. The recurring position of your neck at night can significantly contribute to the onset of early wrinkles on the neck. Sleeping with one pillow under your head at night can keep your neck in a neutral position. On the other hand, sleeping with multiple pillows keeps your neck bent at an angle and encourages the formation of unwanted tech neck lines. 

Use Sunscreen

UV rays produced by the sun or by tanning beds are one of the most well-known contributors to early skin aging. Sun protection, including sun-covering clothing, staying shaded, and sunscreen, can help to protect the skin. Individuals typically focus sunscreen on easy-burning areas, including the face and arms, and forget to cover their necks. Remembering sunscreen on your neck can help protect your neck skin from UV damage and the formation of lines.

Moisturize Skin Every Day

Dry skin is less supple, elastic, and hydrated. It is crucial to apply moisturizer not only to the face but also to the neck, which can visibly nourish the sensitive skin on your neck. This can decrease the premature signs of aging in the area.

Reposition Your Screen Set-Up

Repositioning your screen set-up is one of the most critical factors in preventing tech neck. Adjusting your display screen to an eye-level position can stop your bad posture habits. Standing desks, laptop stands, and adjustable chairs can make the most significant difference in discouraging tech neck lines from appearing.

What If I Already Have Lines on My Neck?

A skin care regimen can minimize the appearance of unwanted lines and wrinkles. Proper skin care may not fully correct your lines, but it can discourage them from worsening.

Use Neck Firming Cream

Using a neck cream can create the appearance of a lifted and hydrated look on your neck. This can soften the look of tech neck wrinkles and sleep lines. This also works to minimize visible sun damage and age spots. Neck firming cream should be applied in upward motions to encourage lifting of the sensitive skin.

Surgical Procedures (Neck Lift)

Tech neck lines coupled with sagging skin on the neck or face can be a combination of more severe aging signs you want to treat. Some individuals may decide to get a facelift or neck lift to sculpt their face and neck to their desired look. This can soften the overall appearance of wrinkles and lines, taking years off your appearance. 

Our Recommended Products

Tighten Up Neck Firming Cream

Tighten Up Neck Firming Cream adds moisture to the skin on the neck. This leaves the skin looking softer, smoother, and with an added glow. This product is recommended for individuals experiencing premature aging on the neck. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Tech Neck Lines Go Away?

The appearance of Tech neck lines can be softened with neck firming products. 

Is Tech Neck Permanent?

Tech neck injuries can resolve in days or weeks. Tech neck lines are more challenging to treat. However, skin cell turnover can be encouraged with a strict skincare routine.

How Can I Fix My Tech Neck Naturally?

Tech neck can be addressed with a daily skincare routine. Sunscreen, retinol, polyhydroxy acids, hyaluronic acids, and vitamin C are recommended for the skin. These products can visibly brighten, plump, and smooth the skin. Keeping the skin appearing hydrated and avoiding the repetitive stances that enabled the development of tech neck is essential. 

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