Toners vs. Astringents: Is There Really A Difference?

If you’re looking to treat a specific cosmetic issue or boost your daily skincare routine, toners can be a great way to address a variety of concerns. But when researching high-quality products, you may come to see a close similarity between toners and astringents, prompting the question: “Is there really a difference?” Let’s find out.


What may cause some confusion is how similar these products are to each other. They’re both liquid-based formulas that come in both sprays and bottles and promote benefits like deep cleansing and evening out skin tone. However, even though their common ingredients, like salicylic acid, witch hazel, and glycerin may seem similar, they accomplish very different tasks.

The Difference Between Toners and Astringents

Toners, by and large, can be used by a broad swath of people of all skin types, including sensitive skin. In fact, Epicuren Discovery’s Soothe Dermal Repair Mist is a toner specifically formulated to provide long-term protection to help reduce sensitive skin.

On the other hand, astringents are designed for people with oily, blemish-prone skin, as it often includes harsher chemicals like alcohol, which can easily dry out the skin of someone with less naturally produced oil. Plus, astringents tend to focus on deep cleaning and removing irritants, rather than the numerous benefits differently formulated toners can achieve.

When to Use Astringents and Toners

Both toners and astringents can be part of a great, high-quality daily skincare routine, depending on your skin type. Nearly anyone can benefit from toners like our Protein Mist Enzyme Toner that balance the skin’s pH and prepare skin for moisturizing. Astringents are best used by people with extremely oily skin as a way to prevent pores from clogging with excess oil throughout the day.

Learning about the ingredients can help direct you to the specific formula that will be best for your skin type and concerns. Ingredients like citric or salicylic acid are typically reserved for astringents, and can be an indication that it may dry out normal skin types. Glycerin and glycol provide effective cleansing while simultaneously hydrating skin, which makes these ingredients better for the majority of people who want the benefits of various toners.

Professional-Grade Toners by Epicuren Discovery

If you’re looking for a way to take your daily routine to the next level with a new toner, you’re in the right place. Epicuren Discovery’s professional-grade products can give you a refreshed, youthful glow every day, with science-backed ingredients. To find out which products work well with your unique skin type, take our skin quiz today to start looking for your perfect toner.

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