The Best Skincare Routine For Your 50's

Everyone ages at a different pace given their lifestyle, genetics, and skincare routine, but generally speaking, the different decades of your life require different capabilities from your products. Since your skin begins producing less collagen and loses hyaluronic acid gradually starting as early as age 20, by the time you’re clearing 50, there’s a lot that has changed about your skin’s environment both inside and out.

Plus, you have upcoming stressors as you continue to age that you can prepare for starting now with an anti-aging skincare routine that helps you protect and enhance your skin every day.

Products to Use in Your 50s

Moisturizers and Rich Hydrators

You may already be noticing the changes in your skin, with thinning and dryness becoming more of an everyday concern than a decade ago. Whether it’s caught your eye already or not, keeping your skin hydrated is a simple but tricky thing to do in your 50s. It’s time to use products that really moisturize your skin will not only to help it look fuller and more youthful, but also to help it function properly.

Collagen Builders

At this point in your life, your skincare routine probably includes at least one or two potent products like a serum or toner to help enhance your complexion on a daily basis. In your 50s, it might be time to consider even more age-defying compounds like peptides and collagen to give your skin the building blocks it needs to continue appearing firm, youthful, and radiant.

Retinol or Retinoids

If you’re starting to see fine lines that are becoming more pronounced and etched-in, you can fight back with retinol and retinoids. Research has shown that Retinol is a chemical compound that can change the way the skin functions, by helping speeds the regeneration process by exfoliating the surface layers of skin when used topically in a skincare product.


Epicuren Discovery’s Metadermabolic® Protein Enzyme Complex, are perfect for individuals concerned with signs of fine lines and wrinkles. For people in their 50s, we often recommend our Gel Plus Enzyme Protein Gel that can be used as often as needed to help your skin look smooth and youthful every day.

Anti-Aging Sun Protection

Now more than ever it’s important to keep your aging skin protected from the harmful UV rays constantly being emitted by the sun. Take advantage of the highest SPF tinted or untinted sunscreens we have to offer that not only give you long-lasting UV protection, but also go on so lightweight you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing sunscreen. Our Defend and Balance Tinted Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 is perfect for those who want to look their best and take advantage not only of sun protection, but also antioxidant protection.

Products to Avoid in Your 50s

Harsh Exfoliants

By now you’re probably not struggling with the oily skin you had years ago, so it’s time to ditch any of your harsh cleansers or exfoliants, which can cause more harm to your skin than benefits at this point. Exfoliants are best used for skin that is especially prone to trapping dirt, debris, and dead skin cells in excess oil, causing acne breakouts and slick spots. As you age, your body naturally stops producing as much oil, leading to more dryness and less of a need for exfoliation.

Alcohol-Based Moisturizers

Did you know that some commercially available lotions actually contain alcohols that can dry out your skin? Avoid cheap lotions and opt instead for richer creams and ointments that have rich emollients and oils to lock in your skin’s moisture rather than evaporate it.

Fine-Tune Your Skincare Routine Above Age 50

These are our recommendations for the most beneficial skincare routine after 50. Use your sun care products in the morning and whenever you’re outdoors for a long time, and consider your most rich hydrating products for a night of rejuvenation while you sleep. Otherwise, incorporate these potent formulas into your skincare routine as directed for the best-looking skin you can get at home. Find more products that are great for aging or dry skin by taking our Skin Quiz or browsing our catalog today.

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