Sōl - An Exquisite Gemstone Oil

The Summer Solstice launch of our newest luxury body oil, Sōl, was a hit! This lightweight oil is infused with a vibrant blend of energizing essential oils and supercharged with a Citrine gemstone. Notes of wild orange, vanilla, and black pepper create an uplifting and comforting experience while supple oils work to keep the skin glowing.

Hand crafted with the intention to deeply nourish the skin while rejuvenating the spirit. The carefully blended combination of oils and Citrine crystal correspond to the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, the energy centers of love and courage.

Many of the oils found in Sōl have multiple benefits to keep the skin hydrated and luminous. When applied to damp skin, freshly out of the shower, these oils can help to lock in moisture and improve the overall look of the skin. Sunflower oil helps to protect the skin’s barrier and contains compounds that help promote collagen production. Sōl also contains Camellia Seed oil, prized for it’s high levels of antioxidants. It’s soothing properties help to revitalize tired, sensitive skin.

Paired with rich essential oils and energizing crystals, Sōl Exquisite Gemstone Oil is the perfect addition to your summer essentials.

Wild Orange

The fresh vibrant aroma of Wild Orange can provide an energizing effect while uplifting the mind.


A natural aphrodisiac, the comforting aroma of vanilla is known to relax the mind and promote feelings of joy.

Black Pepper

A spirited essential oil that offers feelings of courage, self-awareness and motivation.

Citrine Gemstone

Carrying the power of the sun, this natural crystal is warm and comforting, energizing and life giving. This is a stone of manifestation and personal will. Its vibration is said to awaken imagination, promoting the transformation of dreams to reality. Citrine transforms negative thoughts and feelings to positive ones, encouraging fullness of life, fresh beginnings and new pursuits.

Our in-house aromatherapist, Monique White, gives us some insight behind what makes this exquisite gemstone oil so unique!

The Inspiration

While Epicuren has always valued the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils in our products, there is currently a growing awareness of the potential ability these oils have to assist in positively impacting the body and mind. We were inspired to create a unique product with the intention to deliver physical results as well as rejuvenate the spirit.

The Heart and Sōl

We are seeing beauty routines evolve to incorporate total wellness enhancements, showing valued importance to care for our body, mind and spirit. We want to encourage people to nurture their inner beauty and let it shine, all while using the most effective ingredients to deliver the best natural results.

Crystal Cleansing Process

For centuries, crystals have been used for their wide range of healing abilities and possess a strong reputation for promoting positive energy. For optimum effectiveness, it is important for the crystals to be cleansed.

To prepare our crystals for healing, we use a cleansing technique of organic Himalayan and Dead Sea salt, removing any negative energies from the crystal as to not transfer residual energies onto yourself. For maximum effectiveness, we then charge the crystals to ensure the crystal is ready to provide optimum healing energy. This charge is done first by placing the crystals in the sunlight, then under light of a full moon. Once this cleansing process is complete, the stones are ready to add to the Sōl Exquisite Body Oil!


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