Skincare Products to Compliment Your Skin Tone

Your ethnic heritage makes you and your skin unique. At Epicuren Discovery, we know it can be hard to find quality skincare products that are ethically sourced and sustainably formulated, and even harder to get products that work for your specific skin tone. That’s why we carry a complete collection of skincare solutions that are effective no matter how much melanin is in your skin.


For Asian skin types, treatment plans are largely similar to light-skinned individuals, although some differences may affect which products are preferred for anti-aging and skin damage. Research shows that Asian skin is the most susceptible to irritation and inflammation, which may mean potent skincare products may not be recommended. And in general, people of Asian descent generally exhibit hyperpigmentation (dark spots and age spots) as they age, which can be more visible than on darker skin tones.


One of the most common skin issues to affect Hispanic women is melasma, which appears similar to age spots, but affects a larger area of the face or body. Although Hispanic skin contains more melanin than Caucasian skin, regular sun protection is recommended to reduce the risk of melasma. However, Hispanic skin has been shown to be more resistant to irritation—the darker, the more resistant. As with other dark skin types, Hispanic men and women should check with a board-certified dermatologist before using chemical masks or undergoing laser therapy, as they are at a higher risk for developing hyperpigmentation.


The darker your skin, the more natural UV protection you possess, which can affect a wide variety of skin health concerns. People of African descent in particular do not show signs of aging as early or as significant as lighter skin types, as the melanin in their skin acts as a natural sunblock (although using a sunscreen is still recommended for the best protection). This also means that as people with dark skin age, they tend to develop deep folds rather than fine lines. African-American skincare products should take into consideration that those with dark skin are more susceptible to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, meaning their skin can darken after being irritated, whether by harsh chemicals and treatments or even acne. Because of this, it’s important to ask whether a treatment is right for your specific skin tone before undergoing laser or chemical treatments.

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At Epicuren Discovery, we know that all shades and types of skin are beautiful and deserve the best treatment and skincare routine. Our products are not only made with high-strength formulas for maximum effectiveness, but also with cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable practices. Explore our catalog for your specific skincare needs by taking our skin routine quiz today.

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