Skincare Differences Between Women and Men

Although there are many things that make us all similar regardless of gender, when it comes to high-quality skincare, the few differences can make a significant difference in the choice of products that are best suited to people’s individual needs. To truly hone in on the products that are most effective to you, it helps to know the subtle differences going on beneath the skin.

Skincare For Women

As the major driving force for the skincare and beauty product market, women have an overwhelming number of options when it comes to creating a personalized skincare routine. However, when you practice sifting through the noise and finding what works for you, you become more engaged with your skincare routine, and therefore have a better idea of what your skin needs from your products at any given time.

This is helpful because with regular hormonal changes through puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, a woman’s skincare needs can change dramatically throughout her life. This means that a flexible skincare routine may prove to be the most effective, and typically requires the broadest range of products to have on-hand.

Physical differences such as having slightly thinner and less oily skin than men means that skincare products for women tend to be richer in texture and more focused on moisturizing. In addition, women usually show signs of aging earlier than men, meaning anti-aging products are relevant earlier in life than for men.

Skincare For Men

Although the gender differences in the physical aspects of skin are minimal, they are significant, meaning men should focus on a few key areas beyond the universal skincare routine. Men have thicker skin with larger and greater density of pores than women, meaning they are more acne-prone than women, and overly greasy or thick moisturizing products may not be good for their skin.

Men who shave also must take special care during and after shaving. Having proper lubrication and protection, as well as using a sharp blade, can help reduce skin irritation and risk of razor burn or bumps. And after finishing shaving, treating the area with a light moisturizer can help restore the affected area and protect it from further damage.

Although men tend to display the signs of aging later than women, once they appear, they progress more rapidly. This means that although they have their differences, men and women alike can benefit from anti-aging skincare routines before it starts to show.

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