ORAC Age Protect Serum

The Epicuren ORAC Age Protect Serum is a groundbreaking, innovative, and incredibly efficacious product when it comes to helping fight the appearance of inflammation and accelerated aging. One could even call it a product that was “before its time”, utilizing ingredients that are just now becoming industry buzzwords!

When it comes to breaking down these ingredients, the science behind them, what makes them so powerful, and how they go to work on your skin, there’s no better person to turn to than Leah Parks, Licensed Esthetician and Owner of, not one, but three beauty businesses in Powell, OH, just outside of Columbus. Leah is a serial entrepreneur on top of being a wildly in-demand Esthetician!

Leah owns Prive Salon Suites, a studio of rental suites for independent beauty professionals; skinBEAUTIFUL Spa, the spa where Leah performs facial treatments for her local clients; and skinBEAUTIFUL RX, Leah’s global business where she provides skincare consultations virtually as well as recommends and sells skincare products to her clients worldwide.

One of the services that Leah provides to her skinBEAUTIFUL RX clients from around the globe is incredibly thorough skincare education via her YouTube Channel. Each Sunday night, Leah takes complex skincare topics and product formulations and breaks them down to explain them to her viewers in terms that everyone can understand.

Just recently, Leah spent her Sunday evening sharing the ingredients in ORAC Age Protect Serum, how those ingredients work within the skin, and how this one product can help fight the three main reasons for accelerated aging.

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity and it is a measurement that calculates the oil and water solubility and polyphenol levels of an antioxidant. If a product states that it has a high ORAC value, it means that it has the highest availability of antioxidants. There’s a very good reason that we at Epicuren chose to name our product after this measurement and Leah tells us exactly why.

Epicuren’s ORAC Age Protect Serum is a groundbreaking formula that’s perfect for individuals concerned with the three main reasons for accelerated aging in our skin. These three reasons for accelerated aging include Oxidative Stress or Free Radicals, Dehydration, and Inflammation. Chronic Inflammation results in the breakdown of collagen and elastin which is what gives our skin firmness and elasticity. ORAC helps visibly ease inflammation while also helping prevent the appearance of irritated skin. ORAC was designed to help fight against free radical damage leaving the skin to appear more firm, plump, and youthful.

ORAC uses a buffet of powerful ingredients – antioxidants and hydrators – to effectively counteract these three reasons why we see our skin age. In fact, it is so powerful and effective that it only needs to be used every other day, which is another reason Leah loves this product for her clients!

So, what are these powerful ingredients that make ORAC so effective for the skin?


Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that has been used in formulas for years but it has recently become a buzzword in the industry and this ingredient is finally getting the recognition it deserves. (It was named as an ingredient to look for in 2022!) This ingredient can be taken internally or applied topically for individuals concerned with the harmful effects of free radical damage. Astaxanthin has been known to help our skin on a cellular level and have free radical quenching abilities. This ingredient is found in algae and it has been found to be an even more effective antioxidant than Vitamin E. It also helps the skin to appear more moisturized. What’s also great about Astaxanthin is that it helps fight visible Inflammation. So, this one ingredient works to fight all three of the reasons that we see accelerated aging in the skin!


Trehalose is a water-binding plant sugar found in desert plants that helps with the appearance of dehydrated skin and provide moisture to our skin when used over time. Trehalose has the ability to help the skin in extremely dry conditions.

Sea Whip Extract

Sea Whip Extract is an ocean-derived ingredient found in the Caribbean that is the most powerful marine-sourced anti-inflammatory agent that you can use in skincare. It can help with the appearance of visible inflammation on the skin. It is also an extremophile meaning that it can protect itself in extremely harsh ingredients and that its same strength and structure regarding its own safety is brought into skincare products to help with extreme and harsh environments. Sea Whip Extract is a “super” ingredient that helps reduce the appearance of soothes redness and irritation while visibly softening the skin. Leah loves this ingredient for her clients due to its ability to not only treat but effectively help the cycle of visible chronic inflammation.

Hibiscus Flower Extract

Hibiscus Flower Extract has been known to contain an important phytonutrient for our skin which has the ability to scavenge free radicals before they even have a chance to penetrate onto our skin. It also encourages higher moisture levels in the skin.

Cranberry Fruit Extract

Cranberry Fruit Extract is an ingredient that houses all 8 groups of Vitamin E and is a rich source of various antioxidants, helping the skin appear youthful and operating at peak levels.

ORAC is a beautiful orange color due to the Astaxanthin in its formula and it feels velvety soft going onto the skin. After the very first use, you’ll notice your skin appears more hydrated because of the powerful antioxidants and incredibly hydrating ingredients. You’ll also notice a beautiful glow from ORAC as a nice little added benefit!


After liberal toner application, while the skin is still damp, apply a dime size amount over the entire face, neck, and décolleté until absorbed. Follow with moisturizer. Due to the high potency of this formula, the best results are achieved when used every other day.

Leah recommends ORAC Age Protect Serum to her clients at skinBeautiful RX because she believes it is one of the most powerful products on the market and an all-in-one solution that will truly help her clients fight against inflammation and accelerated aging.

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