Nourish Your Skin and Spirit With Sol Exquisite Gemstone Oil

In honor of Epicuren's founder, Colleen Lohrman, we have paired up beautiful essential oils with charged crystals in this wonderful product.

The Sol Exquisite Gemstone Oil has a mix of base oils like sunflower, avocado, and almond which all help improve the protective barrier of the skin.  When combined they are highly effective.  Sol oil brightens, energizes, and enlivens the skin.  It is great for most skin types. 

Sol Exquisite Gemstone Oil has an amazing spicy aroma and contains essential oils of Wild Orange, Vanilla, and Black Pepper that can complement both men and women.

To use Sol Exquisite Gemstone Oil, apply to clean toned skin on face and body to give you an amazing glow. This oil has been noted to be a great beard treatment.  Use this oil alone, or feel free to apply any Epicuren moisturizer over the top to finish.



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