Kukui Nut Oil: The Secret For Beautiful Skin

Used by Hawaiian natives for centuries, the Kukui tree contains an oil that is proven to have numerous benefits for skin health and cosmetic purposes, as it is rich in antioxidants and Vitamins A, C, and E. It’s an ingredient we use in many products at Epicuren with great success, and has the added benefit of being completely natural. Read more about the benefits of kukui nut oil for your skincare routine.

What is Kukui Nut Oil?

The kukui nut tree, or the candlenut tree, bears nutty fruits that can be roasted and squeezed to release its oil, which Hawaiians have been doing since they first settled on the island nearly 2,500 years ago. The oil has been used in religious rituals, candlemaking, and more recently, in massage oil and skincare products. It is applied topically and is absorbed into the hair and skin to produce a wide variety of benefits.

Benefits of Kukui Nut Oil

The benefits of kukui nut oil extend beyond skincare, as it is also helpful in improving the look, strength, and hydration of hair, as well as for stretch marks, arthritis, eczema, and more.

Strengthens Hair

Whether applied directly or mixed into shampoos and conditioners, kukui nut oil is full of linoleic fatty acids that coat the hair and scalp, providing a barrier to keep moisture in. This nutrient-packed ingredient also provides essential compounds to the hair and scalp, helping to improve the health and strength of hair, and even making it more lustrous.

Providing all this moisture to the scalp also helps reduce dandruff and ensure hair follicles stay healthy and strong, preventing hair loss.

Helps Accelerate Wound Healing

For small scrapes and bruises, kukui nut oil can speed healing and help relieve pain. As mentioned later, it’s also a natural anti-inflammatory, which can ease swelling as well. Its protective oils also form a barrier on the skin, reducing the risk of infection.

Reduces Wrinkles

Many anti-aging skincare products incorporate ingredients like kukui nut oil due to being rich sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that protect skin by reducing free radicals: highly reactive atoms that can damage cells’ DNA, causing them not to work properly and leading to visible imperfections, including wrinkles. As the first and most exposed area to these environmental stressors, your skin is most vulnerable to damage. Antioxidants destroy free radicals helping to maintain skin’s appearance in the long term.

Works for Pain Relief

For people with chronic pain such as arthritis, kukui nut oil in moderate amounts can help reduce pain by inhibiting pain receptors and inflamed areas.

Boosts Immune System

Being rich in Vitamin E and C, this oil provides vital components to the immune system when applied on a regular basis.

Soothes Eczema

Skin conditions that come and go like eczema can be a source of constant frustration for those who experience it. Not only does kukui nut oil help with eczema by moisturizing skin, it also helps seal in that moisture to prevent itchiness.

Reduces Inflammation

The most common use of kukui nut oil is for lowering inflammation. The unique blend of fatty lipids are easily absorbed into the skin, helping soothe sore muscles and joints, especially when used in massage.

Moisturizes Skin

Finally, the most basic use for kukui nut oil is in keeping skin radiant and moisturized. Our recommended Kukui Nut Coconut Massage Body Oil is great at hydrating thirsty skin, helping your skin to glow from head to toe.

Kukui Nut Oil Skincare Products

If you’re convinced that kukui nut oil is a must-have ingredient in your skincare routine, you’re in the right place. Browse our catalog or search for kukui nut oil to find all Epicuren Discovery’s products that contain this potent, proven ingredient to take your skincare to the next level.

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