Is Toner Supposed to Burn?

You might have heard of facial toner, but what is it and what’s the hype? You might also be worried if you’ve heard people talking about their face burning from toner applications. We will be giving you a detailed look at stinging vs. tingling vs. burning and what it means for your skin.

What is Toner?

Toners can be a great product to incorporate into your skincare routine because they remove makeup residue and dirt that was missed with facial cleanser. Additionally, they are packed with nutrients and antioxidants to help your skin get ready for what’s coming next. With new advances in skin science, toners now come in various formulas to target different skin concerns and are good for all skin types.

Benefits of Using Toners 

Toners reinforce the benefits of facial cleansing. Basic cleansers are effective, but they can sometimes miss dirt or impurities that get stuck in the pores. Toner makes sure that all of your makeup and residue that builds up during the day is removed before you go to sleep. An effectively cleansed face will also help your serums, moisturizer, and other products absorb more deeply into the skin. Many toners are water-based so they also keep your skin hydrated for a dewy, glowing complexion.

Is Face Toner Supposed to Burn? 

Although facial toner should not burn, you might feel a tingling or mild stinging sensation. The severity of the stinging will depend on your skin type and the potency of the toner you are using. Astringents with high alcohol percentages can sting while hydrating or mild toners will only cause light tingling. These sensations often occur because the toner is alternating your skin’s pH level.

What Does it Mean When a Toner Burns Your Skin?

There are several reasons your toner might be burning your skin. Consider the following possibilities:

Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin or are using a toner to help with acne, the product may irritate your skin. This is especially common if the toner has ingredients that are too strong for your sensitive skin.

Allergic Reaction

Try to do research on your skincare products before applying them to your face. If you’re unsure whether you have skin allergies, do a small patch test to make sure the product doesn’t cause an adverse reaction. Burning, redness, hives, or swelling could occur if you have an allergy to any of the toner’s ingredients.

Too Many Acidic or Active Ingredients At the Same Time

A combination of acidic exfoliants, toners, and serums could be overdoing it for your skin. Try to space out when you use each product to prevent  skin irritation. For most people, exfoliating every day is not necessary.

What to Do if Toner Burns Your Face

If your toner is burning, stop using the product immediately. It’s likely a sign that your skin is sensitive, allergic to its ingredients, or has an impaired barrier. However, burning can also come from incorrect usage so make sure to check the label and see if that is the cause. If you’re using the toner as labeled, try using a different one with milder ingredients and ask your dermatologist or skin specialist for recommendations.

Is Toner Supposed to Make Your Face Red?

Toner is a gentle form of exfoliation meant to brighten the appearance of your complexion. It should not make your face red. If you have redness after applying toner, this is a clear sign that the product is too harsh for your skin.

How Should Skin Feel After Applying Toner?

Your skin should feel refreshed and look hydrated immediately after applying toner. Within a few weeks, the skin’s tone and texture should improve with a glowing looking complexion and a visibly softer and smoother appearance.

Choosing the Right Toner for Your Skin Type:

Dual-Purpose Toners with Exfoliation:

These toners are specifically meant to be used without exfoliating:

How to Apply Face Toner the Right Way

1. Cleanse: Use a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water. Pat your skin dry.

2. Apply Toner/Mist: Give your skin a spritz of toner or massage the product into your skin with a cotton pad.

3. Serum: Apply your favorite choice of serum after the toner.

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    How do I know if my face toner is working?

    When facial toner is working properly, your skin will immediately feel hydrated and refreshed. Visible improvements in tone and texture should be noticeable after 1-2 weeks with continued improvements.

    Should I use toner every day?

    Toner can be used daily but make sure to follow the instructions properly to avoid over-exfoliating with other products.

    How long should toner sit on the skin?

    Toner should be left on and be followed by a serum and moisturizer.

    Do you wipe your face after toner?

    No. Toner should be left on the face to fully absorb onto the skin.

    Do I have to use a toner?

    Toner is not necessary, but it can be effective as an added treatment layer specific for your skin type.

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