Imaan Hammam Joins Harper's BAZAAR to Reveal her Nighttime Skincare Routine.

If given the chance to ask anyone their skincare secrets, who would you ask? For many, that person may be a supermodel, perhaps a woman so beautiful she has graced the cover of Vogue more than twenty times! Imaan Hammam, she is beauty defined and her skin care routine is on point.


She begins with a pre-cleanse and uses Epicuren’s Silk Radiance 3 in 1 Cleanser. This is a wonderful choice! This cleanser has a refreshing and relaxing aroma that sets the stage for self care. It dispenses like a gel but turns quickly to an oil cleanser. The oil attracts dirt and makeup. You then add water and it rinses off dirt and debris as a cream cleanser.

colostrum skin care

Once Imaan completes her cleansing process she uses a toner/mist, Epicuren’s Colostrum Hydrating Mist. This mist is packed with nutrients and helps you to maintain moisture in your skin. Imaan even mists her iconic hair with it!

Healthy and Hydrated

This super skin care regimen is focused on keeping the skin healthy and hydrated. She uses not one but two hydrators, Bulgarian Rose Otto face oil and Moisture Surge. Bulgarian Rose Otto gives an incredible glow to the skin without your skin feeling greasy or clogging your pores. It has a beautiful aroma and you gently massage it into the skin. Moisture Surge is a hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid is a hydration booster. This is a gel consistency that you can press and roll onto the skin or it can be mixed with other products. It pulls moisture from your serum or moisturizer and puts it into your skin.

As if this skin care regimen could get any better Imaan adds in Colostrum Luminous Glow Cream. This is a fan favorite and celebrity go-to moisturizer. It is the “sister” product of the Colostrum Hydrating Mist. This leaves the skin feeling soft, hydrated, and you guessed it glowing!

Don't Forget The Hands

Lastly, Imaan uses Peptide Rich Hand Cream to finish off her nighttime routine. This recently launched hand cream is a game changer. It has a light grapefruit aroma. It’s not greasy at all but is rich and creamy. Did I mention it is also packed with peptides to help with those pesky age spots? This has everything one would be looking for in a hand cream.

Hand cream

This regimen is outstanding and great for almost all skin types. Imaan said it best, “...I use a lot of Epicuren products because they are just so great for my skincare.” With this skincare it is no wonder Imaan glows from every runway she walks!

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