How To Use Body Wash For The Best Results For Every Skin Type

Did you know there are actually right and wrong ways to make the most out of your daily bodily cleansing routine? It turns out that using a body wash regularly can have different effects on your skin, especially when you’re using the wrong type of body wash for your unique skin type. Let’s explore how to use body wash the best way and discover the right body care products for each skin type.

Start With a Balanced Formula

Skincare experts know that the key to effective skincare products is balance. Body cleansers shouldn’t be so harsh they strip away your skin’s natural oils, which disrupts your skin’s protective barrier, but they also need to use active ingredients that effectively wash away dirt, grime, and dead skin cells for the best-looking skin.

Stay away from commercial bar soaps, as these tend to be basic and aggressive products that don’t include necessary moisturizing compounds like our body washes have. We recommend finding a simple, gentle body wash with a scent that you enjoy.

Don’t Go Overboard

It may surprise you to know that many people use too much body wash. If you’re showering and finding your skin feels greasy or sticky after drying off, it may be because there’s excess product on your skin that wasn’t fully rinsed away. Not only does this feel gross, it’s also not good for your skin, as residual soapy compounds can further dry out and strip skin of its natural oil.

For our shower gel, we recommend about a palmful of liquid on either your hand or bath sponge.

It’s also a myth that you always need to scrub your entire body, head to toe. In fact, some experts say you only need to use soap in the areas of your underarms and groin on a daily basis, unless you visibly see or feel sweat or dirt in other parts of your body.

The Best Body Wash For Each Skin Type

The best body wash comes down to how your skin handles daily wear and tear and what it needs from a daily cleanser. As body skin isn’t as delicate as your facial skin, you have more wiggle room for what will work for each skin type and season.

Dry Skin

During cold, dry months, or for those who have dry skin year-round, the best body wash is a gentle one. This may be obvious, but cleansing too aggressively removes the natural moisture-sealing properties of your skin, leading to increased dryness. Our body cleansers are formulated with natural moisturizers like coconut oil and rosemary oil.

Oily Skin

For people with naturally oily skin, look for cleansers with less rich moisturizing compounds, ingredients known as humectants. Humectants attract water to the surface of skin, helping to hydrate it without needing oils that can feel heavy and greasy.

Sensitive Skin

The goal for people with sensitive skin is simply to find a formula for their body wash that doesn’t react with their skin, causing redness, itching, or irritation. Look for simple formulas with natural scents that are sulfate-free and don’t have added perfume or coloring agents.

Professional-Grade Body Wash From Epicuren Discovery

If you’re looking for a luxurious cleansing experience every time you shower, Epicuren Discovery’s luscious body cleansers are the perfect match for you. Try our Rosemary Lave or Tropical Lave cleansers, formulated with essential oils and natural fragrances to give you a spa-like experience each and every day. And find your perfect pairings with body care products according to your unique skin type by taking our Skin Quiz today.

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