How To Get Rid Of Shoulder Acne Once And For All

Dealing with persistent acne breakouts on the face and neck can be hard enough, but for those who also struggle with body acne, the situation is much more complicated. Fortunately, with a high-quality skincare routine and some lifestyle changes, you can reduce the appearance of acne for clear skin you’re not afraid to show off.

What is Body Acne?

Acne occurs when pores of your skin become clogged with oil or debris and bacteria then infects the pore, leading to inflammation and the classic pimple look. While it’s most commonly found on the sensitive skin of the face, acne can occur in any pore, including on the back, shoulders, and chest. The pores on the shoulders and back are much larger than the pores of the face, which means it can be more aggressive appearing when it occurs.

What Causes Shoulder Acne?

There are many potential causes for body and shoulder acne, mostly considering a buildup of excess oil and dead skin cells. So while practicing good hygiene in general can help reduce breakouts, there may be other causes for your acne that you may not know about.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Did you know that keeping your hair clean can actually cause acne breakouts on the shoulders? Oils found in shampoos and conditioners especially run down your neck when you rinse off, which can contribute to oil buildup throughout the rest of the day or night. To avoid this, rinse these products out of your hair off to the side or leaning forward to prevent comedogenic (pore-clogging) ingredients from sliding down your shoulders and back.

Sweaty or Tight-Fitting Workout Clothes

Acne can also be caused through physical skin irritation. When this happens, it’s known as acne mechanica, and if you notice your breakouts only occur in the region where your backpack straps, for example, rub on your shoulders, it could have nothing to do with your hormones or skincare habits.

Sweaty clothes, on the other hand stick to the skin, creating a damp environment that acne bacteria can thrive in. To avoid this, switch to a better wicking material or looser gym clothes that won’t cling to your skin.

Dirty Shower Accessories

Finally, it’s important to replace or wash shower products like loofas and towels regularly. This is because even though you use them to get clean, shower products can build up with bacteria over time. You wouldn’t want to rub your body with more bacteria than you’re already dealing with on your skin, which could lead to excess breakouts throughout the body.

How to Treat It: Products for Shoulder Acne

If you’re dealing with a current outbreak, we have the solution for your body care needs. With our gentle Body Cleansers that not only smell terrific, but also cleanse away dirt and oil from your pores. You can also try our top-selling Clarify Cleanser for the tough areas that a normal body wash can’t quite help with. At the end of the day, you’ll just have to wait for the infection and inflammation to go away on their own, but using high-quality products like these can help with the appearance of clear-looking in the future. Find out what products will be best for your unique skincare needs by taking Epicuren Discovery’s Skin Quiz today.

How to Prevent Shoulder Acne

There are basic lifestyle steps beyond a good skincare routine to help prevent acne breakouts. Besides the tips already mentioned, like finding looser, moisture-wicking clothes, you can help prevent acne by not touching or popping zits when you see them. It’s tempting, but this can make it easier for the bacteria to spread to other areas as well as damage your skin cells. Stay away from harsh exfoliators, as removing too much oil or irritating the skin with chemicals can cause inflammation and breakouts in its own right.

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