Eye Serum Benefits You Need To Know

Eye care routines can get ridiculous, but they’re not always inconsistent or incorrect. Your eyes and eyelids are some of the most delicate skin on your entire face. For the best skincare routine, you need something dedicated to your eyes, which is why we’re here to tell you about what kind of eye products can help your skin look youthful for a long time.

What Does An Eye Serum Do?

Eye serums are great at penetrating onto the surface of the skin and full of potent ingredients designed to revitalize its appearance and help with your eye care concerns.

Benefits of Eye Serum

There are many benefits to the serums that Epicuren Discovery has formulated for anti-aging and other benefits. The following are just some of the reasons people love our products.

Helps prevent common signs of aging

Your eyes age quickly but loose, lax, and dark skin doesn’t have to be the reality you see in the mirror every day. Our products help with environmental stressors and the dryness that comes with aging.

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Many wrinkles appear due to lack of volume and sun damage. Our eye serums and Epi Onyx products are formulated to help create the opposite effect of aging with antioxidants and moisturizers. For example, our hydrating Eye Cream is packed with rich lipids which may help the skin look moisturized longer and our Metadermabolic® Protein Enzyme Complex to help the skin’s overall appearance.

Minimizes the look of puffiness

Inflammation is annoying, to say the least. Fluids can build up within your facial tissues and lead to puffiness in your cheeks and around the eyes. Our formulas help reduce the appearance of inflammation and puffiness that might arise due to aging and fatigue.

Reduces the appearance of dark circles

Our antioxidant-rich formulas are great at minimizing the look of discoloration and dark circles due to fatigue and other symptoms. Try our Eye-Alive Serum to help revive tired eyes.

Delivers superior hydration

The eyes, being one of the most dry and early-aging spots of the face, need rich hydration to continue looking youthful and resilient for years to come. With Epicuren’s products, you can experience the appearance of moisturized looking skin quickly and in the area you need it most.

Evens skin tone

If your skin tone seems uneven, discolored, or rough, regular use of our professional-grade eye serum(s) can help.

Prepares skin for makeup

Makeup is usually known for clogging pores and causing irritation no matter where it’s used. With our naturally derived formulas, your makeup and skincare routine is less invasive and can incorporate more products than you’re used to. However, with good skincare you may find yourself using a little less makeup.

Protect delicate skin

We realize not everyone has the most resilient skin. People with sensitive or delicate skin can benefit from adding an eye serum to their routine.

Soothes tired eyes

Most people don’t like the fact that their eyes look tired, no matter how old they are or might want to look. The eyes are delicate and have delicate skin surrounding the windows to the soul. With the right ingredients used in the right way at the right time of your life, “tired’ eyes can appear rejuvenated. Epicuren Discovery’s products can help you find the right formula for your eyes, no matter what age you are or how tired you might see yourself.

Professional-Grade Products at Epicuren Discovery

If you’re looking for the best formulas for you eye concerns, Epicuren is here to help. Our consultants are standing by through our contact form and we’re always happy to help you find products that are tailored to your needs and skin concerns through our Skin Quiz.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you put eye serum on eyelids?

Sure, you can put eye serum on your eyelids, just be careful if it’s an exfoliating compound so as to not irritate your eyes or eyelids.

Is it good to use eye serum?

Yes, high-quality eye serums are great for rejuvenating the appearance of the skin on your eyelids over time.

How often should you use eye serum?

For most eye serums, you can use it daily or even twice daily. For the best benefits, follow the directions on the product you own.

What is better, eye cream or eye serum?

Eye cream, with more moisturizing benefits, tends to be better for those who have sagging skin or laity issues. Serums might be better for those who are interested in sustaining their good-looking eyelids and under-eye area. Can’t decide? You can use both!

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