Eye Make Up Remover and How to Use It

Crystal Clear Eye Makup remover is one of my very favorite products mostly because it is multifunctional. Not only does this velvety soft texture remove eye makeup, it also does other things. It's fragrance-free, which is awesome because it doesn't irritate your eyes. It is also oil-free so if you're wearing lash extensions, this is what you should be using. And it lengthens, strengthens and adds volume to your lashes with all the peptides that are in this formulation.

It contains vitamins that have anti-inflammatory properties, so it reduces puffiness but then also aids in diminishing the appearance of dark circles. So not only is it an eye makeup remover, but it's an eye treatment as well. I really don't know any other eye makeup removers that can do all of that. Oh, and it will remove long-wear lipstick.

How to Use Eye Make Up Remover

Well, with all things Epicuren, you only need a little bit. It's super concentrated, so a little does go a long way. You'll put just a tiny drop on your fingertips, apply it to your eyelids, and you can do this before cleansing or after cleansing, whatever your preference is. I actually like to do an after cleansing so that my cleanser does most of the work, and then this kind of tidies up anything that's left over from my makeup. 

When I'm all done with my makeup removal routine or my bedtime routine, I will take a little bit more and I just will put a little tiny bit on my fingertips and just coat it onto my lashes if I'm trying to grow those or if I'm looking to get a thicker brow, I will put a little bit on my eyebrows as well.

Epicuren Eye Make-Up Remover Removes long Wear Lipstick

To remove my long-wear lipstick I'm going to take a little bit and just put a little on my lips. You can use the cotton round for this, I just prefer my fingers and I'm going to take the dampened cotton round to wipe off.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Epicuren Eye Make-Up Remover. Please leave any comments below! 


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