Energetic Vibrations

The Crème de la Crème of Skincare Gems

What is Energetically-Infused Skincare?

For centuries, it has been known that by placing crystals in your environment one can naturally increase energy flow which assists with raising personal vibrations funneled from a higher realm. This energy flow can assist with emotional, physical, and spiritual discomfort.

The Exquisite Body Oil Collection

Epicuren® brings a hand-crafted collection of fine body oils energetically-infused with the balancing vibrations of pure aromatherapy oils and natural crystals. Each Exquisite Body Oil in this collection is hand-blended to include the purest organic, wild-crafted, fair-trade essential oils selected with distinct purpose. Additionally, a specific energetically-infused crystal with restorative power has been precisely placed in each bottle to evoke energetic flow. To prepare the crystals for this unique curative mending, they are first soaked in a warm water bath which includes a Himalayan and Dead Sea Salt cleanse. As a final step, the enchanted crystals are charged under the light of a full moon to provide optimum healing energy. The result: A crème de la crème of skincare gems from exotic locations around the world for you to indulge in mind, body and spirit.

Key Benefits

Rich age-fighting formulas

Deeply moisturizing and vitamin-infused

Natural alternative to chemically scented fragrance

Pristine therapeutic aromatherapy


Pink Pepper + Red Mandarin + Vanilla + Rose Quartz

Amour Universél awakens romantic devotion while restoring a sense of peaceful splendor. Energetically-infused with the attracting vibrations of rose quartz crystals, tender white jasmine and deep pink pepper and vanilla, fuse with spirited red mandarin, inciting unconditional love, joy, and light without limitation.


Blue Tansy + Water Lily + Clove + Amethyst

Sacred Indigo conveys feminine self-expression while celebrating your life’s natural rhythms. Energetically- infused with the healing vibrations of amethyst crystals, the sweet innocence of water lily is harmonized with the warming notes of clove. Vibrant blue tansy - used in Greek mythology for divine immortality - empowers your inner goddess with fierce confidence, wisdom, and resilience.


Jasmine + Honey + Cocoa + Smoky Quartz

Luna Mystica resonates inner-strength and inspires deep passions and desires while illuminating your true potential. Energetically-infused with the powerful vibrations of smoky quartz crystals, the cascading aromas of deep cocoa, sweet grapefruit, and savory sage invite you on a mystical journey to explore desires and awaken your sensuality with passion and awareness.

The future of fragrance as seen in NEWBEAUTY


Heather Linberg, Epicuren®’s Skincare Specialist

Heather is a lover of all things health, wellness, and beauty! A leading industry expert, she has been sharing her passion for creative health and beauty solutions for over 10 years. Her extensive knowledge of wellness and skincare has made her an invaluable resource to an impressive list of beauty editors, celebrity makeup artists, and red carpet A-listers!

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