Dehydration Lines Vs. Wrinkles

Did you know that the skin on your face is particularly sensitive to changes in your overall hydration? Your body can be classified as dehydrated when it has lost only 2% of the amount of water needed for homeostasis. This can happen before you even feel thirsty in some circumstances and can lead to your skin looking either less voluminous than normal or even wrinkled.

We’re here to help you find out if the signs of skin aging you might be seeing are due to your skin being dehydrated or if a few fine lines and wrinkles might be the result of premature aging, as well as how to help your skin look its best in either scenario.


Your skin becomes dehydrated when it doesn’t have the internal moisture required to keep it plump, elastic, and healthy-looking. This can happen for three reasons that can compound the effect of dehydration, leading to dehydration lines.


Certain compounds readily available (and desired) by people can cause them to become dehydrated. Alcohol, caffeine, and salt are among the chief causes of dehydration, especially when consumed without water to offset their diuretic properties. As the skin loses moisture to both the external and internal environment after consuming substances like these, it loses the appearance of elasticity and can exaggerate facial wrinkles or issues like flaky skin.


Obviously, the leading cause of skin dehydration is when people don’t drink adequate amounts of water, which can vary in amount based on their circumstances. On a normal day spent mostly in a climate-controlled environment, people need about 64 ounces of water a day. Being in the sun, in hot, dry weather, or in excessively cold environments can dehydrate a person further, as well as ingesting certain compounds as discussed.


As the skin ages, it naturally loses supporting structures at the cellular level, including compounds like hyaluronic acid that help draw moisture to the skin, helping it appear youthful and smooth. While it's impossible to stop aging in its tracks, there are many products and procedures to help increase hydration despite these downward trends in your skin tone as you age.


The aging process will inevitably cause wrinkles to form in various places on your face. Depending on how you’ve treated your skin and the type of lifestyle you’ve led, these visible signs of aging can appear in different places at different times.

Frequently, the first few wrinkles to set in are those in areas of skin that are frequently crinkled by muscle activity, such as crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes. Unprotected sun exposure can hasten wrinkles of all kinds, especially those formed with facial expressions.

You can minimize the appearance of wrinkles by employing a high-quality anti-aging skincare routine with ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid, and topically applied collagen. Our products range from instant action formulas to those that are best paired with long-term solutions to help your skin from the appearance of sun damage, chronic dehydration, and congestion from environmental factors and dead skin cells.


Anyone’s skin, regardless of skin type, can become dehydrated in the right circumstances. Being aware that your skin – and therefore your body – is dehydrated can help you take action against the main causes to protect your skin and your overall health. Here are the main signs you might be dry and dehydrated:

  • Itchy skin – the drier your skin is, the more itchy it can feel. Even those with oily skin types can experience this issue when staying out in the sun too long. Dehydrated skin has lost the lubricating barrier on the surface and between skin cells that can cause it to become irritated and itchy.
  • Sensitive skin – Without proper protection and lubrication with oil and subdermal moisture, skin becomes more sensitive to the elements. Sensitivity can arise as tenderness, redness, or increased breakouts if dehydrated for too long.
  • Dull skin – Looking in the mirror may be all you need to tell your skin is dehydrated. Dull skin is often a subtle but noticeable sign that you’re lacking the proper moisture in your skin that can lend itself to your normal dewy glow. 


In the moment, the right thing to do for your dehydrated skin is to give it a natural moisture boost with a product like our Moisture Surge Hyaluronic Acid Gel. Moisturizing occlusive products can help protect your skin barrier while giving you visibly  hydrated skin. Our top recommended occlusive product is the Soothe Dermal Repair Balm. For people who may be struggling with chronically dull and dry skin, we also recommend our Strengthen and Rebuild Vegan Serum Concentrate, which can easily become part of a quality skincare routine.

Finally, our Pro Collagen + Serum Amplifier, formulated with a concentrated amount of science-backed ingredients that can also benefit your skin in the long run.


Help quench dehydrated skin and restore the youthful-looking radiance you want with cruelty-free formulas you won’t feel guilty about. Epicuren Discovery has your skin in mind, which is why we developed our Skin Quiz to help people find the specific formulas and products that are right for their unique skin type and skincare regimen goals. Browse our catalog and learn more about our mission by checking out our website.

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