Can I Tighten Skin On My Neck At Home?

With age comes the inevitable wrinkling and sagging of skin that leads to a more square appearance and conditions like turkey neck and double chin. For anyone looking to be proactive in their anti-aging skincare routine, Epicuren Discovery’s products are here to help. Let’s find out what the best products are to help you tighten the appearance of an aging neck and target those unwanted wrinkles.

Why Skin Sags

Your skin is a complicated and delicate organ that is your body’s first line of defense against environmental stressors, toxins, and pathogens, which means it requires lots of resources and nutrients to perform its job well. Some of these resources are proteins, called collagen and elastin, that support the structure of skin and give it its elasticity.

The problem is, the body naturally slows the production of collagen as early as in your 20s, with each year seeing less and less of the supportive compound. As collagen levels fall, so too does the skin, causing sagging skin throughout the body. Certain lifestyle factors can compound this effect, such as smoking, frequent sun exposure, and extreme weight loss.

Preventing Sagging Skin

The truth is, once sagging skin has set in, there’s likely no product that will dramatically enhance your appearance. That’s why we like to focus on early treatment to prevent or delay sagging skin from appearing under the neck. There are a few key ways to prevent neck skin from sagging.

Adapt Your Lifestyle

As mentioned earlier, certain habits and lifestyle choices can affect the quality of your skin. Simply changing these disruptive behaviors or mitigating their effect can help you keep your youthful skin for longer. Key things to consider include quitting smoking, avoiding harmful UV radiation from tanning beds and prolonged sun exposure, and eating fresher, less processed foods.

Stimulate Collagen Production

Although you can’t stop the skin’s natural decline in collagen, you can help stimulate collagen production through daily use of high-quality skincare products that use active ingredients like retinols or peptides. These have been shown to firm skin by signaling to the body that it would benefit from more collagen in the area they’re applied.

Protect From Sun Damage

The leading cause of early signs of aging is frequent unprotected sun exposure. Ultraviolet radiation damages skin cell DNA, causing side effects like age spots and pigmentation, as well as a decline in its ability to regenerate, leading to thin skin and wrinkles. By using a high-quality, broad spectrum SPF sunscreen, you can protect your skin’s DNA and lengthen the youthfulness of your skin.

Stay Hydrated

One simple factor that can affect long-term skin health is getting enough water throughout the day. Your skin is full of water molecules that are used to hydrate cells and provide youthful volume throughout the face and neck. When you don’t get enough water, the cells can shrink and be put under stress, leading to negative side effects down the road.

At-Home Neck Tightening Cream

If you’re just now starting to notice the telltale signs of early skin aging, it’s not too late to start a professional-grade skincare routine designed to prevent those signs from progressing quickly. Start with our Tighten Up Neck Firming Cream, formulated with proven peptides, moisturizing natural butters, and Vitamin E to help the skin appear more soft and smooth. To find other products for individuals concerned with anti-aging skincare products, don’t hesitate to take our Skin Quiz to find personalized products for your unique skin type and concern.

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