4 Reasons To Love Bulgarian Rose Otto Oil


 We get it. You don’t want to waste your time and money on products with vague or overcomplicated formulas, which is why we make sure to source the most proven ingredients for Epicuren Discovery’s products. One of the most buzzworthy essential oils you can incorporate into your daily skincare routine is our Bulgarian Rose Otto Oil, perfect for creating the appearance of an even, on-trend complexion with one simple added step.

Boost in Hydration

Bulgarian rose oil provides rich moisturization in your skincare routine because its essential oil compounds contain lipids which lock in moisture the body would otherwise lose from the skin through evaporation. This provides an instant yet long-lasting enhancement in hydration that keeps skin hydrated and looking smooth and youthful.

Dewier Glow

Along with moisturizing benefits, the glowing nature of our unique blend of rose oil and complementary essential oils make our Bulgarian Rose Otto Oil perfect for those who want a dewy, saturated complexion. With ingredients like Avocado oil, jojoba oils, and apricot oil, this luscious oil creates a lightweight glow on your skin that can last the whole day for picture-perfect skin at a moment’s notice.

Spot-Check Dryness

Not everyone’s skin has uniform needs. For people with combination skin or who have symptoms of dryness like ashy elbows or rough parts of your hands, rose otto oil can function as a luxurious spot treatment for dry skin. Simply make sure the area is clean by using a gentle soap or cleanser, then apply as needed until it sinks in. For excessively dry skin, you may need additional moisturizer, but otherwise you can use as needed.

Luxurious Aroma

Rose otto oil is a ingredient in many perfumes, it has a purely uplifting floral aroma that is practically guaranteed to help you feel like a more sophisticated version of yourself even as it works its magic within your skin. Make an impression with more than just how moisturized and supple your skin looks with the fragrant Bulgarian Rose Otto Oil by Epicuren Discovery.

Professional Skincare Products by Epicuren Discovery

If you’re interested in sourcing the most potent, professional-grade skincare products and ingredients, you’re in the right place. Epicuren Discovery utilizes decades of pharmaceutical research to create its proven products, including Bulgarian Rose Otto Oil. We know each active ingredient is meant to help specific concerns, which is why we’re continuously crafting new formulas to reach every skin type with the high-quality formulas they need to have the best skin of their life.

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