Bulgarian Rose Otto - The "Best Friend" Skin Care Product

If you follow Epicuren Discovery in the media, most likely you have heard of this popular Rose Oil!  Bulgarian Rose Otto can be used in so many different ways.

Often times we learn from celebrities and estheticians on new ways to use this product that we hadn't thought of yet!

  • Need extra hydration?  Bulgarian Rose Otto.
  • Want a dewier glow?  Bulgarian Rose Otto.
  • Want to calm frizzy hair?  Just a drop of Bulgarian Rose Otto on the tips of your hair!
  • Want to soften your cuticles or pinpoint drier spots on your skin? Bulgarian Rose Otto. 

Or maybe you just want a soothing aroma added to your current products?  Add Bulgarian Rose Otto to other products.  

Facial oils are becoming more and more popular in skincare regimens.  We love this oil because it won't leave you greasy, and can be used to target specific concerns.  

Trust us!


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